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Take Charge of Your Health with Ulta Lab Tests!

Unlock Your Health Potential with Ulta Lab Tests
June 2, 2024
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Healthcare should be proactive, personalized, and, above all, straightforward. That's where Ulta Lab Tests shines, transforming how you engage with your health and wellness journey. With Ulta Lab Tests, you're not just a patient but an empowered individual taking charge of your health. We provide convenient, affordable, and confidential access to a wide range of lab tests and health panels, ensuring you maintain control over your health without the surprise of unexpected lab test bills from insurance companies.

Take Charge of Your Health with Ulta Lab Tests!
Take Charge of Your Health with Ulta Lab Tests!

Order Your Discounted Lab Tests Online 24/7

No more waiting for doctor's appointments or dealing with office fees. At Ulta Lab Tests, we've simplified the process for you. You can order discounted lab tests online 24/7 through our user-friendly platform, eliminating the need for in-person doctor visits. We provide the necessary doctor's authorization, streamlining your experience and giving you more time to focus on your health.

Labs Near You: Over 2,100 Locations Nationwide

Accessibility is key to effective health management. With over 2,100 lab locations nationwide, finding a convenient testing center near you is easier than ever. Our efficient service ensures a quick, 30-minute in-and-out local testing experience, saving you time and hassle.

Save Up to 90% on Your Lab Tests.

Don't let cost discourage you from taking proactive steps towards managing your health. We're here to help. That's why we offer up to 90% savings on lab tests, with prices starting at just $12.95. Our low price guarantee ensures you get the best value without compromising quality or convenience.

Extensive Selection: 2,000 Lab Tests & 400 Health Panels

Our extensive selection of over 2,000 individual lab tests and 400 comprehensive health panels ensures you have access to the tests you need when you need them. Ordered easily 24/7, each test prioritizes confidentiality and security, with results processed by Quest Diagnostics.

Results in 24 to 48 Hours for Most Tests

Rest assured, you can expect accurate, physician-reviewed results within 24 to 48 hours for most tests. Our platform offers advanced features like dynamic color charting, allowing you to track changes in your results over time. This comprehensive view of your health trends empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Friendly, Dedicated Customer Service

At Ulta Lab Tests, our customer service goes beyond the norm. We are dedicated to supporting your health journey every step of the way. We gladly accept FSA & HSA cards, adding an extra layer of convenience for you to invest in your health and well-being.

Features and Benefits to You

FeatureBenefit to You
Know and Take Charge of Your Health!Empowers you with tools and information to proactively manage and monitor your health.
Avoid surprise lab test bills from your insurance.Eliminates unexpected financial burdens associated with traditional lab testing.
Order your discounted lab tests online 24/7.Provides convenience and accessibility to order tests anytime, from anywhere.
We provide the Doctor's authorization.Saves time and simplifies the process by removing the need to visit a doctor for lab orders.
No office fee or Doctor's visit is required.Reduces healthcare costs and the hassle of scheduling appointments.
Labs near you. 2100 locations nationallyOffers easy access to testing facilities, making it convenient to get tested.
30-minute in-and-out local testingMinimizes the time spent at the lab, enhancing your testing experience.
Save up to 90% on your lab testsSignificantly lowers the cost of health monitoring, making it more affordable.
Low price guaranteedEnsures you get the best pricing for lab tests without compromising quality.
$12.95 lab testsOffers a starting low price point, making health tests accessible to more people.
2,000 lab tests & 400 health panelsProvides a wide range of tests to cover all aspects of health and medical concerns.
Order 24/7Enhances flexibility in managing health care on your schedule.
Confidential & secure resultsProtects your privacy with high standards of data security.
Results from Quest DiagnosticsGuarantees high-quality testing standards and accurate results.
Results in 24 to 48 hours for most tests.Ensures you receive timely health data to make informed decisions quickly.
Accurate physician-reviewed resultsOffers peace of mind that your health data is reviewed and reliable.
Track changes in your results over time with dynamic color chartingAllows for easy visualization of health trends and progress.
Friendly, dedicated customer service.Provides support and assistance whenever you need help or have questions.
FSA & HSA cards welcomeMakes it easier to use your pre-tax dollars to pay for health tests, enhancing affordability.
Benefits of Choosing Ulta Lab Tests: Enhancing Your Health Management Experience

9 Ways to Order Lab Tests: Tailoring Your Health Monitoring

At Ulta Lab Tests, we understand that each person's health journey is unique. That's why we offer various methods to order lab tests, making it convenient and tailored to meet your specific health needs. Explore these eight ways to choose the right tests for you:

1. Get Started Baseline Panels

Designed specifically for newcomers, our Baseline Panels help you navigate the extensive range of available tests. This tool offers a personalized approach, making it easy to select lab tests that align with your individual health concerns and goals.

2. Test Panels Comparison

Utilize our Test Panels Comparison feature to place various test panels side by side. This comparative approach helps you clearly see the differences and similarities between options, aiding in your decision to choose the panel that best meets your health requirements.

3. Weekly Promotions

Don't miss our Weekly Promotions for the chance to access essential lab tests at reduced prices. These deals provide an excellent opportunity to manage your health economically, ensuring you can stay proactive without overspending.

4. Conditions & Disease States

For those who prefer a traditional approach, our Conditions & Disease States option offers lab reports in a familiar format provided by Quest Diagnostics. This layout is ideal for sharing results with your healthcare providers, ensuring seamless communication.

5. Quick Order

The Quick Order feature is perfect for experienced users or those who know exactly what they need. It allows you to bypass browsing through categories and directly add and order the tests you require, saving you time and effort.

6. Most Popular Tests

Explore our Most Popular Tests section to see what other users frequently order. This can offer insights into valuable tests for various health conditions and might help you decide which tests could be beneficial for your own health monitoring.

7. Test by Body System

If your focus is on monitoring a specific body system—whether it's cardiovascular, digestive, or any other—our Test by Body System feature allows you to select and order tests relevant to that particular system, ensuring targeted health management.

8. Search Tests

For the fastest and most precise method, use our Search Tests function. If you know the exact name or type of test you're looking for, this tool will help you quickly locate and add it to your order, streamlining the process.

9. Medication Lab Monitoring

Our Medication Lab Monitoring feature is invaluable for those managing health with prescribed medications or supplements. You can just input your medications or supplements and receive a list of recommended lab tests. These tests help monitor your health and understand the effects of these substances on your body, providing actionable insights to guide your health decisions.

Each of these ordering methods is designed to provide flexibility and convenience, ensuring you can easily manage and take charge of your health with Ulta Lab Tests.


With Ulta Lab Tests, you're not just taking a test; you're taking control of your health. Avoid surprise bills, enjoy significant savings, and access extensive testing options—all underpinned by reliable, fast, and friendly service. You order the test; we'll do the rest. Know and take charge of your health today with Ulta Lab Tests!

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