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Don't know where to start? Select an area of interest to find a test panel to help you get started. Choose from a basic economical test panel to a comprehensive in-depth test panel.

Baseline Biomarkers

This is our Basic Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 4 Tests 63 Biomarkers.
  • $253.65
  • $62
  • Save: 75.56%
Basic Plus
This is our Basic Plus Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 13 Tests 75 Biomarkers.
  • $516.62
  • $162
  • Save: 68.64%
This is our Advanced Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 22 Tests 115 Biomarkers.
  • $1,320.59
  • $298
  • Save: 77.43%
This is our Comprehensive Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 25 Tests 119 Biomarkers.
  • $1,567.02
  • $389
  • Save: 75.18%
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Quick & Comprehensive Lab Tests You Can Order Online

Ready to take control of your health? Ulta Lab Tests can help. We provide direct access to laboratory testing and health screening services for healthcare professionals and consumers, making it possible for you to work with your provider on what’s best for your health and well-being.

As a health-conscious consumer, you know that your annual physical isn’t the only time you need to order lab tests. You know the tests you want to run. And, you’ve done your homework. Why not order blood sample tests online quickly and inexpensively on your own?

With access to over 2,100 national patient service centers and tools to track and monitor your results, Ulta Lab Tests empowers men and women to know their lab numbers and take control of their health.

If your goal is to spot health problems before they get out of hand or monitor your levels and optimize your health, you can get the tests you need without spending a lot of time or money.

We offer over 2,000 lab tests and panels including:

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Blood Test (CMP Blood Test), Complete Blood Count Blood Test (CBC Test), Thyroid-stimulating Hormone Blood Test (TSH Blood Test), Vitamin D and other vitamin and nutrition tests, cholesterol lab tests, and many more blood tests and categories.

How to Order Lab Tests Online

If you know the test you want, simply use our search function at the top of this page to search by category. You can also search Baseline Panels by Area of Interest and Panel Group to order blood tests online. Finally, you can also search by popular tests.

For example, if you’re searching for CMP tests, simply search for the term “Comprehensive Metabolic Panel” or “CMP” using any search box on this page to see results.

Then, order the lab tests you need. Once you order labs online, you can get your blood drawn at a patient service center near you. Within just a few days, your results will be available online, where you can review your results, track your progress, and work closely with your healthcare provider to manage your health.

Enhance and Monitor Your Health: CMP Tests, CBC Tests, TSH tests, and more!

According to the CDC, chronic illnesses are the leading cause of death and disability in the U.S. But did you know most of these chronic illnesses are preventable or manageable if caught early? Your blood contains biomarkers that can speak volumes about your health. These biomarkers are the key to learning if you are at risk for chronic diseases, especially conditions with noticeable symptoms.

Ulta Lab Tests is your source for any lab test, such as CMP tests, that measure important aspects of your blood. From wellness lab tests to fitness and performance tests, our complete selection of online lab tests allows you to be proactive about your health.

Even if you’re not a healthcare professional, our process makes it possible for you to make better-informed decisions about your diet, lifestyle, medication, and supplement choices. Plus, we encourage you to always work closely with your healthcare provider when it comes to developing a wellness plan that’s right for you. Order your lab tests now and start the proactive journey of staying on top of your health today.