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Lab tests are routinely used to track your health, diagnose medical conditions, evaluate treatments, and monitor diseases. They can help you prevent disease by detecting it early when there's a greater chance of successful treatment. Lab testing can also provide important information about how well certain medications work for you and monitor your condition. You don't have to be an expert in medicine or biology to understand the results of your lab tests! We've simplified them so that anyone can get the answers they need quickly and confidentially.

Ulta Lab Tests has been in business since 2013, and we are a leading provider of discounted lab testing services. Our mission is to help people live healthier lives by providing affordable access to laboratory tests that can detect health problems early on. We are always looking for new affiliates to help us spread the word about our company and services. Our affiliate program offers commissions that are generous on every sale that you refer, plus great tracking tools so you can monitor your success! You will also have access to our Affiliate Resource Center with promotional materials, banners, and more.

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Earn money while helping others. It costs nothing to join! Your affiliate platform and portal are entirely free of charge! Our simple platform enables you to publish affiliate links to thousands of lab tests with discounts of up to 90%, earning a commission up to 20% on each completed sale.

New and Returning Customers

Customers, Both New and Returning

Our affiliate program pays a commission to all customers who use your affiliate link to our site to make a purchase and obtain their lab test. Returning customers: You will continue to earn full commissions on any subsequent orders placed via your affiliate link.

Track Your Progress

Keep Track of Your Progress

We provide you with tools to help you track your "click-through rate," completed orders, and earned commission fee through our affiliate program.