Pharmacy & Pharmacists


Expand Your Healthcare Offering

  • Lab tests discounted up to 80% off the patient self-pay price.
  • Over 1,500 lab tests available with ability to bundle tests.
  • No prescription needed.

Quick and Easy Ordering

  • Online ordering - timely results.
  • Nationwide network of drawing stations.
  • Patient real-time access to results and health records.
  • Track patient’s bio-markers.

Turn-Key Setup

  • Web based: accessible from PC, tablets, etc.
  • No cost to join! Plus opportunity to generate incremental income.
  • No set-up or monthly charges or fees.
  • No hardware or software to install.
  • Customized marketing materials.

Convenient, Comprehensive and Confidential

Ulta Lab Tests provides pharmacies and pharmacists with a convenient, comprehensive and confidential laboratory-testing platform for their patients. Ulta Lab Tests makes it easy, affordable and secure for our pharmacy partners and their patients!

Lower Costs

Our program allows your pharmacy to lower the healthcare costs of your patients, and allows you the opportunity to provide incremental health services to your customers and patients .

National Pricing Discount

We have negotiated significant national pricing discounts on lab tests for your pharmacy and we provide a pricing structure that enables you to pass on these savings on to your patients.

Lower Patient Costs

With discounts of up to 80% off the patient self-pay price of lab tests, you can help to significantly reduce the cost of healthcare for your patients who may be insured with high deductible plans, uninsured or underinsured.

Comprehensive Online Platform

We are the only company in the industry that provides pharmacies an integrative platform to submit lab test orders, monitor the status of those orders, and allow their patients to access their results through a secure patient portal. Additionally we have the only program that provides each pharmacy with its own microsite where patients can order tests, obtain lab requisitions, receive receipts, and track their biomarkers over time.

Track Patients Progress

Our innovative platform enables patients, and pharmacists with their patient’s permission, to monitor the lab tests results over time, displaying up to 9 consecutive readings for each biomarker over a requested time frame. Lab test results are dynamically displayed via graph; they are color-coded and may be viewed by specific test, by category, by exception, etc., to quickly analyze and monitor abnormalities. Our platform allows patients the option to selectively share their results with their pharmacist.

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