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Your Health Practice Revolutionized with Ulta Lab Tests
Looking for a streamlined, cost-effective lab testing solution for your health practice? Ulta Lab Tests is your answer. Our web-based platform transforms lab testing into a hassle-free process with a turnkey setup that doesn’t require any hardware installations or software downloads.
Simplicity at Its Finest
Experience our user-friendly, intuitive portal that gets your account up and running in just minutes. Seamlessly manage your health practice without the hurdles of complex setups.
Unrivaled Convenience
With a few clicks, order lab tests, track sales, generate reports, and monitor patient results securely through your practice portal. Leverage our nationwide network of over 2,000 drawing stations for easy access to lab tests for your patients. Our “quick orders” and “most popular orders” features simplify reordering, making it a breeze.
Your Personalized Microsite
Offer your patients more control over their health journey with a personalized microsite. Here, they can order tests and keep track of their results over time, fostering patient empowerment and engagement.
Comprehensive, Customizable Dashboard
Access over 2,000 lab tests and panels right at your fingertips. Our dashboard enables you to utilize customized panels and delve into 9 consecutive readings for each biomarker. Benefit from our clinical and functional reference ranges and receive quick results within 12-48 hours for most tests.
Impressive Savings, Extra Income
Joining Ulta Lab Tests is a win-win. Save your patients money with our discounted lab tests - up to 90% off the patient self-pay price and enjoy the absence of ongoing monthly charges or fees. Moreover, earn optional Doctor consultation income for lab tests reviewed. Make the most of our co-branded marketing materials and monthly promotional offers featuring discounted health screening and lab tests.
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Jumpstart your journey with Ulta Lab Tests today and witness the transformation of your health practice.

Jumpstart your journey with Ulta Lab Tests today and witness the transformation of your health practice. Click on the “Become a Partner” button below to embark on a path of discounted lab tests, comprehensive services, and a free practice management solution. Don’t wait, take the first step towards optimizing your practice now!

Physician Checkup

Why Ulta Lab Tests Matters to Physicians

At Ulta Lab Tests, we understand the importance of relevance to physicians like you. Our platform is designed to provide you with convenience, comprehensiveness, and cost-effectiveness, revolutionizing the way you approach lab testing.

With our user-friendly portal, you can easily order lab tests with just a few clicks. Track sales, reports, and patient results all in one secure practice portal. Our intuitive interface and streamlined processes make lab test management a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort.
We offer an extensive range of over 2,000 lab tests and panels, covering a wide spectrum of medical needs. Whether you require general health tests, specialized panels, or specific biomarker readings, our comprehensive test catalog has you covered. Customize panels, set your own reference ranges, and access clinical and functional data to gain valuable insights into your patients’ health.
We understand the financial considerations of running a practice. That’s why we offer lab tests discounted up to 90% off the patient self-pay price, allowing you to provide affordable testing options for your patients. Joining Ulta Lab Tests has no cost or ongoing monthly charges, ensuring you can enhance your practice without breaking the bank.
Income Generation
We go beyond savings. Our platform allows you to earn optional consultation income for lab tests reviewed. Plus, we offer co-branded marketing materials and monthly promotional offers to help you expand your practice’s reach.
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In essence, Ulta Lab Tests is more than just a lab testing service. We are a partner, dedicated to aiding your practice’s growth while enhancing the care you provide to your patients. Partner with Ulta Lab Tests today and experience the relevance and benefits we bring to physicians like you. Get started now and unlock the full potential of efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective lab testing.

Transform the future of healthcare by clicking on the “Become a Partner” button below, starting your journey with Ulta Lab Tests, where your dedication to patient care, combined with our innovative solutions, can make a remarkable difference in the health and wellness of your patients.

Wide Test Portfolio
Your patients are unique, and so are their testing needs. Catering to this diversity, Ulta Lab Tests offers an expansive portfolio of over 2,000 lab tests and panels, from standard tests to specialized panels. No matter the health concern, our platform provides the tests to address it. Need to customize a panel? We have you covered. With such a wide range of options at your fingertips, you’re well-equipped to offer personalized care to every patient.
Reliable Results
When it comes to lab testing, accuracy is non-negotiable. At Ulta Lab Tests, we understand this need. We’re committed to ensuring the reliability of our test results. Our network includes state-of-the-art labs that adhere to stringent quality control processes, guaranteeing the precision and consistency of test outcomes. When you and your patients receive results from Ulta Lab Tests, you can trust the data you’re basing your healthcare decisions on.
Cost-Effective Solutions
We believe that cost should never be a barrier to accessing quality healthcare. That’s why Ulta Lab Tests offers tests at up to 90% off the patient self-pay price. This unparalleled pricing model can significantly reduce your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses, improving healthcare accessibility for everyone.
Streamlined Process
In today’s fast-paced healthcare environment, efficiency is key. Our platform transforms the traditional lab testing process into a streamlined, web-based service. Order tests with a few clicks, track sales and reports, and access patient results all from your secure practice portal. Our ‘quick orders’ and ‘most popular orders’ features make reordering tests a breeze. Plus, with our personalized microsite, patients can order their tests and track results over time, fostering transparency and engagement.
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It’s where variety meets value, accuracy aligns with affordability, and streamlined processes enhance patient care. Choose Ulta Lab Tests, where we’re not just a service, we’re your partner in delivering exceptional healthcare.

Testing Services

Unparalleled Testing Variety to Meet Every Patient’s Needs

At Ulta Lab Tests, our commitment to personalized care is reflected in the diverse selection of lab tests we offer. Spanning an extensive array of health categories, our comprehensive portfolio ensures you have the right tools to deliver exceptional care, tailored to each patient’s unique health concerns. Here’s a glimpse into our offerings:

Testing Services
Identify environmental and food allergies that can impact a patient’s quality of life.
Screen for various types of anemia to determine the cause of persistent fatigue or weakness.
Evaluate biomarkers associated with aging to help patients maintain vitality and wellness as they age.
Aid in the detection and management of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
Comprehensive analysis of blood disorders, essential for early intervention and treatment.
Comprehensive analysis of bone health, essential for early intervention and treatment.
Crucial tests for early detection of various cancers, facilitating timely care.
Assess cognitive health, instrumental in diagnosing conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Detect early signs of diabetes.
Detect early signs of malabsorption, or gastrointestinal disorders.
Ideal for alcohol and substance abuse detection.
Ideal for occupational health screenings and substance abuse detection.
Determine exposure to harmful substances or toxins.
Assess key biomarkers for optimal physical performance and recovery.
Essential tests for overall wellness, from complete blood count to comprehensive metabolic panel.
Screen for inherited disorders, providing valuable genetic insights.
Evaluate heart health and inflammatory markers, critical for prevention…
Analyze hormonal balance, aiding in diagnosing endocrine disorders.
Determine immune status and response to vaccination.
Accurate and timely diagnosis of various infectious diseases
Assess the function of kidney to ensure their proper functioning.
Assess the function of liver to ensure their proper functioning.
Vital tests to detect and manage conditions affecting the nervous system.
Evaluate nutritional status to identify deficiencies or imbalances.
Assist in family planning and monitor pregancy health.
Confidential testing for various sexually transmitted diseases.
Understand the underlying causes of chronic stress and fatigue.
Analyze thyroid function, aiding in diagnosing endocrine disorders.
Analyze vitamin and mineral levels.
Analyze nutrient levels and markers related to weight management.
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From routine screenings to specialized diagnostic tests, Ulta Lab Tests offers an all-encompassing suite of services to enhance your practice.

Our mission is to empower physicians with a vast array of tests, facilitating personalized, accurate, and efficient patient care.

How It Works

Streamlined Lab Testing Process for Enhanced Patient Care

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Test Selection
As a healthcare professional, you’re constantly searching for ways to streamline and enhance your practice. Ulta Lab Tests is here to revolutionize your lab test selection process. Our user-friendly platform offers an impressive range of over 2,000 blood, saliva, urine & stool lab tests from Quest Diagnostics, including 400+ clinically structured lab test panels. Utilize customizable lab profiles and quick order test selection for maximum efficiency and offer comprehensive health screenings covering over 100 conditions and life stages. Your path to elevated patient care and efficient test selection begins today.
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Specimen Collection
Specimen collection can be a major hurdle for many patients. Ulta Lab Tests transforms this process with convenient collection options at over 2,100 Quest Diagnostics patient service centers. We also support in-office specimen collection and can coordinate daily or on-call courier service from Quest for collected specimens. We aim to enhance patient satisfaction and adherence by reducing wait times and ensuring a pleasant, personalized collection experience.
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Test Results
Receive comprehensive, timely lab test results with Ulta Lab Tests and revolutionize your approach to patient care. In addition to Quest Clinical Reference Ranges, we offer Functional Value Reference Ranges and integration with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Software for a holistic understanding of patient health. Our dynamic results display allows you to track biomarker changes over time with up to nine consecutive readings for each test or biomarker. Most test results are returned overnight, giving you immediate access for prompt, accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.
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Interpretation and Collaboration
Understanding and interpreting test results is critical for patient care. Ulta Lab Tests provides not only the necessary data but also advanced tools to aid in result interpretation. Our platform’s dynamic display allows practitioners to identify and focus on biomarkers out of clinical range quickly and easily. In addition, our system enables physicians to monitor patients’ results over time, displaying up to 9 consecutive readings for each test or biomarker.
Further, Ulta Lab Tests knows that timely and effective communication with patients is key in managing their health.

That’s why we provide the flexibility for practitioners to choose how and when to share test results with their patients through our secure patient portal.

At Ulta Lab Tests, our goal is to simplify the entire testing process while maximizing the efficiency of your practice. So, you can focus more on what truly matters: delivering high-quality patient care.

Optimize Your Practice

It’s time to optimize your practice with Ulta Lab Tests.

Whether you’re ready to take the leap or want to learn more about how our services can benefit your practice, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. Choose one of the following options to get started:

If you prefer a more personalized approach, select this option to schedule a call with one of our experienced client managers. They will provide in-depth information, address any questions or concerns you may have, and guide you through the process of implementing Ulta Lab Tests in your practice.
Click this button to set up your account and start experiencing the numerous benefits we offer. Begin your journey towards improved patient care and streamlined lab testing today.
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Remember, with Ulta Lab Tests, you’re not merely accessing a service; you’re joining a community dedicated to enhancing healthcare delivery.

Don’t delay; choose the option that suits you best and embark on your journey towards better healthcare delivery today.

We’re eagerly awaiting your decision to join us and revolutionize your approach to lab testing. Welcome aboard!

Patient Testimonials

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Hear From Your Peers: Ulta Lab Tests in Practice

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what other physicians have to say about their experiences with Ulta Lab Tests. Here are some testimonials from our healthcare partners.

These testimonials represent just a fraction of the positive feedback we receive daily. Join our growing network of physicians and experience the Ulta Lab Tests difference for yourself.