Physicians: How Ulta Lab Tests Works

Order Lab Tests

Ordering Lab Tests or Wellness Packages

  • The Physician determines the lab tests for the patient.
  • The Physician selects the lab tests for their patient on our platform.
  • The practice staff completes processing the order by selecting the site of specimen collection (patient service center or at the practice), completes the patient information, places the order and processes the payment.
  • The practice staff prints the lab requisition.
  • The patient receives an automated confirmation and email receipt.
  • The practice has the option to draw the specimen on site or to direct the patient to a patient service center for the test to be performed.
  • When the lab test is completed the results are posted into the practice site under Results. An email is also sent to the practice indicating that the results are posted.
Review Results

Review the Results

  • Your practice will receive the results within a few business days (occasionally, complex tests may take between 7-10 business days).
  • The Physician will review the results and may choose to review them directly with the patient.
  • Following review of the tests, the Physician has the option to release and share the results with their patient via their secure online patient portal.
Track Progress

Tracking the Patient’s Progress

Ulta Lab Tests reports with bio-markers offers you and your patients a comprehensive, completely customized lab reports based on their unique biochemistry.

  • Graphical, color-coded summaries.
  • Easy-to-understand language.
  • Progress tracking so you and your patients can view their improvement or see that adjustments are needed.
  • Our Health Report personalized health dashboard enables the Physician to review their patient’s unique biomarkers and discuss personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs and goals, and to view diagnostic changes that occur between blood tests allowing the Physician to adjust the patient’s wellness plan.
  • How can these reports help my practice?
    • Allows you to quickly see results over time.
    • Allows you to create comprehensive, customized health improvement plans.
    • Assists you in monitoring treatment.
    • Assists patients with understanding their unique biochemistry.
    • Allows quicker and more effective patient communication.

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