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Are you looking for a way to determine your current fitness status or improve your health?

Fitness lab tests will help you discover out where you are now in terms of your fitness level so you can move toward better health. Thanks to Ulta Lab Test, it's now simpler than ever to receive the information you need about your body and where it stands in terms of biological function. Most fitness tests have results available within 1 to 2 business days, so you won't have to wait weeks or months for them.

We provide various testing options to provide you with the knowledge and insight you need to make informed decisions about your health and wellness goals. You'll be able to see how healthy or unhealthy you are, which will allow us to create a personalized plan that works best for you based on your unique needs and goals. This information is essential because it can help you understand where you are right now to better prepare for tomorrow – whether that means working out more or eating healthier meals.

You'll learn how well your body is performing based on key biomarkers that signal general health and wellness with fitness and performance lab testing. We also provide a secure online portal via which you can see all of your data and follow changes in your biomarkers over time to improve your health. You may order your lab tests from the convenience of your own home, eliminating the need to visit a doctor. We take care of everything for you with this handy service, so all you have to do is have your specimen professionally collected by a phlebotomist at a nearby patient service center. There are no hidden costs, and this service is entirely confidential.

When it comes to an understanding exactly where you are in terms of general health, you deserve nothing less than the truth – especially if the results might significantly impact how long you live! That's why we take pleasure in providing reliable test results from Quest Diagnostics that show people like you where they stand on their own personal wellness path. Don't waste another day wondering whether something is amiss with your body; take action immediately and purchase the fitness test that is best for you from the list below.

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Based on modern research, about 53% of American adults get their daily aerobic activity. At the same time, 23% hit the necessary muscle-strengthening activity needed to build muscle. 

This is why self-assessment is not enough to test for your physical fitness. 

You will want to set fitness goals and then hit them. This can only be done when you have accurate data in hand about your fitness status. You will want to go through the necessary lab tests and determine what is ideal for your health. 

Here is more on what you can get with the right physical fitness lab tests as you hope to hit your peak. 

What Is a Stamina, Health Fitness, and Performance Level?

Because the human body is complicated, there are several variables to test your fitness level. This also includes your cardiovascular health, muscular strength, and overall endurance. You will want to account for all of these factors. 

It is not easy to progress until you have the data in front of you. This is the best way to reach the right strategy as you build your stamina and strength. 

How Do Lab Tests Help Analyze and Better Your Stamina, Fitness, And Performance?  

For the most part, you are going to be working hard, and that will be seen when it comes to your physical fitness. Lab tests are a way to give yourself an edge as you learn more about your body. You will want to analyze this data and then improve your fitness. 

Stamina lab tests are good to see where you can make changes to your routine. This can include recovery times and how to optimize your sessions in the gym. You will want to take these tests regularly to remain on top of things. 

Signs of Internal Stamina, Fitness, and Performance  

Your internal fitness can be assessed by looking for specific signs. These can include your body fat and resting heart rate. 

You will want to complete the physical tests to remain on top of things when it comes to your overall performance. This can even include things such as recording the number of push-ups you can do in one go. 

You will want to keep track of these factors to test your fitness levels. This is what the pros do with the help of lab tests. 

Using Lab Tests for Stamina, Fitness, and Performance Measurements 

Lab tests are often not associated with factors such as stamina and fitness, but they do play a role. These tests can include a myriad of things and can pinpoint specific health conditions as necessary. This is a great tool for medical providers wanting to get as much information as possible in one place. It will help figure out whether or not there are deficiencies to keep note of. 

A good option that medical providers often use includes a complete blood count (CBC) test. This takes a look at the body's platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. It's a good way to see how oxygen is flowing through the body. 

It is also common to have a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) done to assess the blood. This lab test focuses on looking at your metabolism. A lipid panel can also be set up to assess your cholesterol levels. 

What about those who want to build muscle? You will want to start with your folate levels, as this can dig deeper into how well your body repairs muscles. It is also smart to look at your magnesium levels to see how the body's muscle function holds up. 

Lab tests are great when it comes to testing the growth hormone in your blood. You will want to remain ahead of any deficiencies that are present in your body. 

You can also look at your homocysteine levels as a way to test your cardiovascular health. 

It is common for people to have fitness lab tests done with the help of these basic tests. You can also start recording training sessions as a way to learn more about your fitness levels. 

Here are some fitness panels offered by Ulta Lab Tests: 

  • Fitness Basic - Runs tests focused on core biomarkers for blood health, metabolic health, and cholesterol  
  • Fitness Basic Plus - Runs tests focused on the core biomarkers and adds aldolase results to test for cardiovascular health. 
  • Fitness Advanced - This includes 16 tests, 80 biomarkers, and more for athletes. 
  • Fitness Comprehensive - This option looks at everything a professional athlete would need to test their health. This includes 25 tests and up to 116 biomarkers. 
  • Performance Basic - This focuses on performance with a basic set of five tests with 66 biomarkers. 
  • Performance Basic Plus - This test focuses on everything in the basic package, along with 105 biomarkers. 
  • Performance Advanced - This focuses on looking deeper into your performance with 20 tests and 112 biomarkers. 
  • Performance Comprehensive - This looks at everything that can be tested for performance. This includes 40 tests and 142 biomarkers at once. This is ideal for improving your performance. 

Using Lab Tests to Assess, Diagnose, And Track Fitness, Performance, and Stamina 

With the help of Ulta Lab Tests, it's possible to keep track of your stamina and fitness levels. If you are a beginner, this is a good base to start with. You will learn about key biomarkers that set the tone for your progress moving forward. 

If you are a professional, it's best to lean towards a comprehensive performance panel. This will look at 143 biomarkers at once. 

A more casual athlete can go with other levels based on what they want. It doesn't take long to set up and get back. 


How Is Stamina Improved? 

You will want to begin with a simple complete blood count (CBC) to set a baseline. This will let you know how well the body is moving oxygen inside. This can help get a read on your existing stamina as that will help with your aerobic exercise. 

How Do You Monitor Physical Performance? 

It is important to keep track of each detail, including your weight, heart rate, and overall performance. These lab tests will help verify the information you are processing in real-time. 

How Long Does a Physical Lab Test Last? 

A lab test such as this should not take a long time. It will start as soon as you make a choice and get the bloodwork done. At this point, you should get the results back within a few business days. 

Which Fitness Lab Test Is Right for Me? 

You should take a look at what each fitness and performance test has to offer. This should be dictated by how far you are in your fitness journey and what type of data is already in hand. It is always smart to keep track of similar data points, ensuring you can compare lab tests. 

Choose The Right Fitness Lab Test 

When it comes to fitness lab tests, you can easily turn into a pro. You will fine-tune everything for your body's needs making it easier to put in the hard work. This is what a good lab test can do for you as you become fitter. 

Do not lean on health insurance or a doctor's referral. You need to choose the right test and go from there as a way to improve your fitness. Look at our blood test options and take control of your health. 

Order your fitness lab tests with Ulta Lab Tests

Ulta Lab Tests offers tests that are highly accurate and reliable so you can make informed decisions during your fitness journey. Here’s some of the great benefits of using Ulta Lab Tests:

  • No insurance needed
  • No doctor’s referral required
  • Secure and confidential results
  • Affordable pricing on all tests
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Take the next step towards your fitness goals with Ulta Lab Tests.