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Do you wish to provide a comprehensive health screening program to your employees? 

Provide comprehensive health screenings and lab testing to your employees, covering more than 100 illnesses and life phases. 

We're the premier site for companies and their employees to shop for low-cost lab tests on the internet. Our wide range of discounted lab tests can save you money while providing your staff with the most complete health screenings available today. We also make it simple for customers to use their computers or mobile devices to browse our website and obtain any test they require. 

You may also use our easy search engine to locate particular tests by condition, bodily system, test panel, test name abbreviation, or test order number. And if they have any doubts about which form of testing is best for them, they can always come to us! We'll gladly answer any of their inquiries so that they have all of the information they require before making an order with us. There are no restrictions to how many times your employees can take advantage of this perk each year, with over 2,000 reduced lab tests accessible at amazing pricing! So why don't you give them access right now? They've earned it!

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Employers typically request the wellness lab panels shown below; however, you may create your own using your workplace wellness account.

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Employee Savings

Your employees will have access to over 2000 discounted lab tests and panels without the need for a prescription.

Lower Test Prices

Your employees will have access to over 300 health screening and lab test panels that are bundled for additional savings and value. 


Order Online

Employees can order their health screenings and lab tests directly on your co-branded microsite 24/7/365.


Timely Results

Most test results are returned overnight, generally within 12 to 48 hours, and are available to your employees on their secured patient portal.

Immediate Access

As tests results are released from the processing labs throughout the day, they are immediately available for your employee's review on their secure portal.

Dynamic Review of Results

Most results are dynamically displayed via graph; they are color-coded and may be viewed by specific test, biomarker, category, body system, and time frame. 

Review Changes in Biomarkers

Ulta Lab Tests' innovative platform enables your employees to monitor their results over time, displaying up to 9 consecutive readings for each biomarker.

Alerts & Notifications

Ulta Lab Tests immediately notifies the employee of any "critical value" lab test results as they are reported.

Biomarkers out of Clinical Range

Ulta Lab Tests' platform enables the employee to quickly identify and focus on biomarkers that are out of clinical range and, if necessary, review with their physician or other designated health professional.

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection

Your employee has their blood drawn, or specimen collected off-site at one of 2,100 patient service centers nationally (excluding NJ, NY, and RI).

Employee Portal

Employee's Order History

Employees have 24/7 access to their order history on their secured online personal portal. They can print their receipt for private insurance, tax preparation, or other needs.

Employee Lab Test Results

Ulta Lab Tests releases lab test results to your employees through a secured personal portal accompanied with information explaining the biomarkers. This enables the employee to track results over time and be proactive with the programs and goals set by their designated health professionals.

Employee Lab Test Requisitions

Employees access and print their lab test requisition from their secured patient portal. The employee takes their lab test requisition to a convenient patient service center to have their specimens collected.