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Are you a man who wants to stay healthy and is looking to take control of your health?

The Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel is for you.

The Ulta Wellness Biomarkers: Men's Health Panel 9 panel contains 44 tests with 157 biomarkers that can help detect potential health problems early on. This is a great way to get an understanding of what's going on inside your body and how it can be improved. It will give you insight into many different aspects of your health, including cardiovascular disease risk, liver function, kidney function, inflammation markers, and more. You may not have known that these were important factors in maintaining good health, but now that you do, it makes sense to take action!

Order your panel today to take charge of your health! We offer nine distinct Ulta Wellness Men's Health Panels. With only one exam, you can learn a lot about yourself and make changes as a result. Don't wait another day to learn more about yourself — place your order now!

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Did you know in the United States, almost 15% of all men over the age of 18 are in poor health? In addition, nearly 52% of men over the age of 20 have high blood pressure and take high blood pressure medication.

For this reason, a male wellness panel is crucial for maintaining male health and wellness. It's an essential part of your annual physical exam when you see your doctor, but its importance is all too often overlooked.

If you've heard of a male wellness panel, but you're not sure exactly what it is or why it's so important, then you're in the right place. Keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know.

What Are Men's Health Lab Panels?

Men's health focuses on health issues that only affect men or affect men differently than they do women. Men's health issues are unique and often need specialized attention and care.

Many men live with obesity, high blood pressure, and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Men on average have a shorter lifespan than women but are much less likely to go to the doctor overall.

Men's health lab panels are an important component of men's health and are necessary to identify potential health issues quickly. A men's health panel plays a crucial role in wellness by:

  • Screening for medical conditions before symptoms or problems occur
  • Diagnosing health conditions after you've developed signs and symptoms
  • Monitoring diseases or conditions diagnosed and how well treatments are working

Benefits of Men's Health Lab Testing

Getting the proper screening tests is one of the best things men can do for their health. If you have a health problem, it's better to find out as soon as possible so you can start treating it and get your health back on track.

Benefits of men's health lab testing include:

  • It helps you stay healthy, so you're aware of early signs of disease
  • Lab testing can detect chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes 
  • If you're at high risk, you can get screened regularly 
  • Lab testing checks your prostate health and screens for prostate cancer
  • Checks the overall health of your blood and iron levels

Lab Panels for Men's Health

You can find a wide selection of men's total health lab tests at Ulta Lab Tests. Your doctor can choose which panel is best for you depending on your age, risk factors, or any symptoms that you're having.

The first panel is Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 1. This panel includes:

complete blood count (CBC) tests your overall blood levels and blood health to detect illnesses like anemia, cancers, or inflammatory processes. The CBC tests for red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet levels. Platelets are necessary for the normal clotting of your blood. 

This panel also includes a total iron test. Iron is an essential mineral we need to maintain our blood levels, and it also carries oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

Next is a comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) is a panel of 21 tests that your doctor usually orders to give them essential information about your metabolism, kidney and liver health, electrolytes, blood sugar, and protein levels in your blood.

lipid panel is also included to check your total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL (good cholesterol), and LDL (bad cholesterol). Having high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides puts you at increased risk for heart disease. An apolipoprotein test is a great predictor of coronary artery disease and is involved in your metabolism and the transport of lipids to your cells.

cardio IQ lipoprotein fractionation ion mobility test measures the size of LDL cholesterol particles. A decrease in size in LDL particles means you have an increased risk of developing premature heart disease.

The PSA total lab test screens for prostate cancer, inflammatory prostate conditions, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate gland enlargement.

TSH test is an important test that checks for hypothyroidism as well as other conditions of the thyroid. 

And a complete urinalysis screens the chemical components of your urine to check for different conditions. Microscopic evaluation can check for the presence of red blood cells, bacteria, and infection.

There are a total of nine men's health panels you can choose from, depending on your health history. Other tests include insulintestosteronevitamin D, and vitamin B12.

Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 1
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 2
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 3
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 4
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 5
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 6
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 7
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 8
Ulta Wellness Biomarkers - Men's Health Panel 9


BCA Lab Tests for Men

BCA lab tests for men are another option that gives you a detailed overview of your body's chemistry and hormone levels. Ulta Lab Tests offers three different BCA panels for men, including the max, comprehensive, and ultimate panels.

These panels include tests such as magnesium levelsphosphate levels, and vitamin D levels, which are essential minerals for your bones and body tissues. A cortisol level measures how much of this hormone your adrenal gland is producing. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that affects your immune system, circulatory system, nervous system, and metabolism.

FAQS About Men's Health Lab Panels

What can men do to stay healthy and prevent illness? Men need to put effort into their wellness, especially as they get older. A healthy lifestyle is where you need to start, so take a look at how you're living your life.

Health tips for men include:

  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Find a regular doctor or find a men's health center
  • Get exercise daily
  • Manage your stress
  • Don't smoke
  • Drink in moderation

Why is my prostate health so important? You're not alone if you don't understand exactly what the prostate gland does. The prostate gland is part of your reproductive system and is responsible for moving the semen and sperm through the canal during sexual intercourse.

And in the United States, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death in men making regular prostate screening tests necessary.

Male Wellness Panel at Ulta Lab Tests

Ulta Lab Tests offers highly accurate and reliable tests so that you can make the best decisions about your health. Here are a few great things to love about Ulta Lab Tests:

  • Results are always secure and confidential
  • No need for health insurance.
  • No need for a physician's referral.
  • Always affordable pricing.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Order your male wellness panel lab tests today, and your results will be provided to you securely and confidentially online in 24 to 48 hours for more tests.

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