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On pricing, variety, and value, Ulta Lab Tests outperforms Wellness Fx. We provide 2,000 Quest tests for $12.95, with results available in 24–48 hours.

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We provide Quest Diagnostic lab testing starting at $12.95 with results in 24–48 hours. Our prices are up to 50% less than Wellness FX's, plus we have more test possibilities. Everything from cardiovascular health to thyroid function and hormone balance can be evaluated. We are the best choice for your lab testing needs because of our low prices and quick response times. Over 2,000 different lab tests are available to help you figure out what's going on inside your body so you can take action!        

Every day, Ulta Lab Tests outperforms Wellness Fx in terms of pricing, variety, and value! The lab panels supplied by Wellness Fx are listed below for you to compare and save on. You may buy your test online and obtain results quickly using our user-friendly website! Save money on over 400 quest lab panels and 2,000 lab tests by shopping our test assortment across our website. You may order your blood test online or by phoning our friendly customer service team in minutes without leaving your house.

Why would you go somewhere else when Ulta Lab Tests has better pricing, selection, and value than Wellness Fx?

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