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Are you worried about your next annual checkup? Don't! Order your lab tests in advance and be ready to talk about your results from Ulta Lab Tests when you get them.

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Your health is important, and you want to do everything you can to maintain it that way. We have a variety of lab tests available, including comprehensive laboratory testing, to assist you in learning what's going on inside your body. One of our most comprehensive and affordable blood tests available in the Health Check-up lab test. Quest's innovative technology lets us test for over 100 biomarkers in just one easy blood draw. This means you'll have more information at your fingertips than ever before, and you'll be able to receive a complete picture of your health and wellness. Our comprehensive panel includes 25 tests and 119 biomarkers that will provide you with an in-depth look at how well your heart is functioning, whether or not there are any signs of diabetes, and much more!

Our Health Check-up panels are composed of lab tests with your needs in mind. We have a selection of lab panels from which to pick - whether a full panel or a smaller range of key biomarkers that will provide you with an accurate picture of your current health condition. You have the chance to know what's going on within your body, and it's now more accessible than ever! No other company provides the same level of service and value as Ulta Lab Tests. We offer quick results on over 2,000 lab tests and panels, so you don't have to wait weeks to find out what's happening inside your body.

You can order your lab tests right now. Choose the right lab panel from the list below.

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An annual checkup is the first line of defense against illness or the development of chronic disease. Health checkups allow your physician to answer medical questions you have and perform important diagnostic tests.

Bloodwork performed during your annual physical can diagnose the early stages of a disease. In many cases, diagnostic testing can slow or prevent the onset of health problems. If you have questions about what to expect during your annual checkup, this article will explore what happens during your health exam.

What Is a Health Checkup?

Annual health exams help your doctor diagnose potential problems before they start. Prevention is always preferable to costly treatments, and early diagnosis of a disease or condition can lead to better health outcomes.

Factors that Determine Your Exam and Screening Options

The exact type of exam or screening you undergo depends, in part, on your past medical history, age, and family medical history. The outcome of diagnostic tests will partly be influenced by your lifestyle choices, such as diet, avoiding tobacco use, and exercising. 

What to Expect During Your Checkup

Annual exams typically begin with light paperwork and questions from a nurse. When the doctor arrives, they will inquire about your health. This is a great time to mention any pains or symptoms that you are experiencing. 

A review of your family medical history, a physical exam, and bloodwork typically follow. If you have a preexisting condition or illness, your doctor will focus on addressing that health condition. Diagnostic blood tests will be used to detect health problems or to measure the progression of existing health issues.

Before your checkups, write down any questions you have for your doctor so you don't forget to ask them. Bring any relevant documents like medical history records.

Risk Factors for Not Undergoing an Annual Checkup

The main risk of failing to see your doctor regularly is that you won't know if you have an ailment that requires treatment until that disease or condition significantly advances. In the advanced stages of a disease, treatments become costly, and the prognosis will likely not be as favorable.

If you already have a pre-existing condition or illness, your physician can provide advice and treatment options to help you manage your condition or possibly cure it completely.

Benefits of Health Checkups

Doctor's visits help you to build a professional and personal relationship with your primary care provider. Blood tests and lab testing can detect the early signs of health problems. 

If your bloodwork comes back showing that you are disease-free, you can benefit from the peace of mind that comes from having great health. 

What are My Panel Options?

Ulta Lab Tests is a premier provider of lab tests that are used to screen, diagnose, and monitor a wide range of conditions. Our internist panel options include:

Our 10 Key Lab Tests to Review with Your Doctor™ panel contains 18 tests with 81 biomarkers that measure Apolipoprotein B, Gamma Glutamyl Transferase, total iron-binding capacity, and other key biomarkers. 

Signs and Symptoms that Warrant Frequent Health Checkups

If you have a family history of chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, then annual checkups and bloodwork are critical to monitoring and treating those potentially life-threatening conditions. 

Age is a risk factor for many diseases. Women who are 40 and over should undergo regular screenings for breast cancer. Men in their 50s are at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Even if you simply do not feel well or experience chronic fatigue, your doctor can quickly determine what the cause of your symptoms is during your annual checkup. Lab tests can be completed in as few as 24 hours.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Health Checkups and Lab Tests

Are annual checkups expensive?

Typically no, although advanced screenings and diagnostic testing may be. Your health insurance plan should pay for a significant portion of your visit.

Even if you do not have insurance, the out-of-pocket expense for one visit to the doctor is typically quite affordable. You do not need health insurance to undergo lab screenings through Ulta Lab Tests. Our Basic panel option is only $62.

Are my lab results confidential?

Absolutely. Ulta Lab Tests will provide you with secure and confidential results that are only shared with you. Our website is 100% HIPAA-compliant and includes a secure portal. 

Do I need a physician's referral?

Physician's referrals are not needed to purchase your labs from Ulta Lab Tests.

Where would I get my lab tests drawn?

We have a network of 2100 authorized patient service centers across the nation that perform specimen collection.

How long do lab tests take to complete?

For most tests, your lab results will be provided to you securely and confidentially online in 24 to 48 hours. We offer a 100% guarantee with all of our testing services. 

Can I undergo lab checkups and screenings more than once a year?

Individuals who wish to track the changes in their biomarkers with lifestyle changes, including nutrition, fitness, and medications, can test more frequently to measure their progress. People who are advanced in age or have preexisting conditions can benefit from more frequent bloodwork than once each year as well.

Take Control With Ulta Lab Tests Today

Ulta Lab Tests is the premier provider of affordable and comprehensive laboratory testing. We serve both consumers and healthcare professionals. Once your lab results are in, you can view them on our secure HIPAA-compliant portal. 

Be proactive in the monitoring and prevention of disease. Take control of your health today with health checkup panels from Ulta Lab Tests.