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Are you a mixed martial art fighter (MMA)?

The Fighter Panel tests are designed to suit the specific needs of athletes competing in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and other forms of combative sports.

The Fighter Panel lab tests are tailored to the demands of athletes competing in mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports. Tests for testosterone (free and total), estradiol, hCG (if required), DHEA-S, cortisol (24-hour urine), and C-reactive protein are included in these panels. It also contains a complete lipid profile, as well as the computation of the LDL/HDL ratio.

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The Fighter Panel test is designed to suit the specific needs of athletes competing in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and other forms of combative sports. 

Most licensed combative sports require their contestants to get proper lab testing to ensure the safety and security of their competitors. Fighters must adhere to a specific standard of physical conditions, and these tests ensure that those admitted into the competition are qualified for competitions.  

There are a variety of diseases that can be transmitted through the nature of combative sports. Despite the highest level of training and discipline, a contender can be easily stricken from the competition by a disease that strikes at the immune system's efficiency. 

A proper Fighter or MMA fighter panel includes testing for HIV1 and 2, Hepatitis C Antibodies, and Hepatitis B surface antigen.  

Both semi-professional and pro fighters competing in boxing, wrestling, MMA, kickboxing, wrestling, and other combative sports are required to submit to a specific set of tests that will declare that they are free of bloodborne viruses. Our MMA Fighter Blood Test includes all the necessary testing to help meet the requirements for safe combative competitions in all of the most important fighting organizations, including the Combative Sports and Associate of Boxing Commissions and World Boxing Federation.  

Our Comprehensive MMA Fighter Blood Test includes blood work for: 

  • Hepatitis B (HBV) Surface Antigen Test 
  • HIV Duo Antigen/Antibody Test
  • Hepatitis C (HCV) Antibody Test 

Who is this test for? 

This test is important for anyone hoping to participate in professional and semi-professional competitions in any of the largest fighting organizations in the world. All active contenders in MMA, Ultimate Fight Club, or Kickboxing will be required to take the abovementioned tests before they are admitted to the competition.  

Why is this test required for fighting?  

The viruses mentioned here are considered STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases, the open wounds inflicted in fighting can also transmit these viruses. Because all of the conditions listed above are incurable, it is important to include blood testing in combative competitions.  

How long do the results take?  

All competitions will ask for a test before admittance to a competition. But this important routine check does not have to be a source of concern or worry. We have more than 2,500 locations across the country and can have your results ready for you in as little as 2-3 days. Reasons to use Ulta Lab Tests also include:

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  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

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