StoneRisk Diagnostic Profile

The StoneRisk Diagnostic Profile test contains 1 test with 19 biomarkers.

StoneRisk® Diagnostic Profile

Clinical Significance

StoneRisk® Diagnostic Profile - StoneRisk® profile is for stone formers with a positive urine culture indicating urinary tract infection (UTI), also for recurrent stone formers or when attending physician deems it medically necessary for the patient to have comprehensive metabolic evaluation.


Ammonium Urine, Brushite, Calcium Oxalate, Calcium Urine, Citrate Urine, Creatinine Urine, Magnesium Urine, Oxalate Urine, pH Urine, Phosphorus Urine, Potassium Urine, Sodium Urate, Sodium Urine, Struvite, Sulfate Urine, Uric Acid, Uric Acid Urine


Alternative Name(s)

Kidney Stone,Stone Analysis, Kidney

Performing Laboratory

Specialty Laboratories, Inc. 

27027 Tourney Road

Valencia, CA 91355-5386


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Also known as: StoneriskR Diagnostic Profile

Ammonium Urine


Calcium Oxalate

Calcium oxalate is a chemical compound that forms envelope-shaped crystals. A major constituent of human kidney stones.

Calcium Urine

You have more calcium in your body than any other mineral. Calcium has many important jobs. The body stores more than 99 percent of its calcium in the bones and teeth to help make and keep them strong. The rest is throughout the body in blood, muscle and the fluid between cells. Your body needs calcium to help muscles and blood vessels contract and expand, to secrete hormones and enzymes and to send messages through the nervous system.

Citrate Urine

Creatinine Urine

Magnesium Urine

Oxalate Urine

Ph Urine

Phosphorus Urine

Potassium Urine

Sodium Urate

Sodium Urine


Sulfate Urine

The Patient Has:

Total Urine Volume

Uric Acid

Uric Acid Urine

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