Respiratory Allergy Profile Region IX: KS, NE, ND,

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Also known as: Respiratory Allergy Profile Region IX KS NE ND SD

Alternaria Alternata (M6)

Aspergillus Fumigatus

Bermuda Grass (G2) IgE

Cat Dander (E1) IgE

Cladosporium Herbarum

Cockroach (I6) IgE

Common Ragweed (Short)

Cottonwood (T14) IgE


Dermatophagoides Farinae

Dog Dander (E5) IgE

Elm (T8) IgE

Immunoglobulin E

Maple (Box Elder) (T1)

Mountain Cedar (T6) IgE

Mouse Urine Proteins

Nettle (W20) IgE

Oak (T7) IgE

Penicillium Notatum (M1)

Russian Thistle (W11) IgE

Sheep Sorrel (W18) IgE

Timothy Grass (G6) IgE

White Ash (T15) IgE

White Mulberry (T70) IgE

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The Respiratory Allergy Profile Region IX: KS, NE, ND, test contains 1 test with 24 biomarkers.

The Respiratory Allergy Profile for Region IX is specifically designed for Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota residents. This test panel includes a selection of allergens prevalent in these areas, providing individuals with precise insights into the specific triggers that may cause their allergic symptoms. Understanding these triggers is essential for effective allergy management and improving the overall quality of life in these geographically diverse states.

Included Tests and Their Benefits:

  • Alternaria Alternata (M6): Tests for sensitivity to this mold, known for exacerbating asthma and other respiratory conditions, particularly during dry, windy days common in these states.

  • Aspergillus Fumigatus: Identifies reactions to this mold, which thrives in stored grain—a relevant allergen in agricultural regions like KS, NE, and ND.

  • Bermuda Grass (G2) IgE: Measures allergic reactions to Bermuda grass, which is prevalent throughout these states, especially in landscaped areas.

  • Cat Dander (E1) IgE: Checks for allergies to cat dander, important for household pet owners and those exposed to animals indoors.

  • Cladosporium Herbarum: Identifies sensitivities to this widespread outdoor and indoor mold, helping to manage common mold-related allergy symptoms.

  • Cockroach (I6) IgE: Determines allergic reactions to cockroaches, significant in urban and rural homes alike.

  • Common Ragweed (Short): Essential for diagnosing allergies to ragweed, a major cause of fall allergies in these regions where ragweed is abundant.

  • Cottonwood (T14) IgE: Tests for sensitivities to cottonwood trees, common along riverbanks and wet areas across these states.

  • Dermatophagoides & Dermatophagoides Farinae: Assesses allergies to dust mites, crucial for managing year-round allergic symptoms in homes.

  • Dog Dander (E5) IgE: Tests for allergies to dog dander, another common indoor allergen for families with pets.

  • Elm (T8) IgE: Measures sensitivity to elm pollen, prevalent in many urban and suburban areas.

  • Immunoglobulin E: Overall measurement of IgE levels to gauge the immune system’s reaction to allergens.

  • Maple (Box Elder) (T1): Identifies allergies to maple pollen, particularly relevant in wooded areas of these states.

  • Mountain Cedar (T6) IgE: Tests for reactions to mountain cedar pollen, important for individuals near cedar groves.

  • Mouse Urine Proteins: Checks for allergies to proteins found in mouse urine, an issue in both urban and agricultural settings.

  • Nettle (W20) IgE: Measures sensitivity to nettle, commonly found in rural and wilderness areas.

  • Oak (T7) IgE: Tests for oak pollen allergies, significant in areas with oak trees.

  • Penicillium Notatum (M1): Identifies mold allergies, particularly to species that thrive in homes and damp environments.

  • Russian Thistle (W11) IgE: Essential for diagnosing allergies to this tumbleweed, prevalent in the drier regions of these states.

  • Sheep Sorrel (W18) IgE: Tests for reactions to sheep sorrel, common in fields and grassy areas.

  • Timothy Grass (G6) IgE: Critical for identifying allergies to this common grass, especially relevant in rural farming areas.

  • White Ash (T15) IgE: Measures sensitivity to white ash pollen, a common tree in urban landscapes.

  • White Mulberry (T70) IgE: Identifies allergies to white mulberry pollen, frequent in warmer areas of these states.

Benefits of the Test:

This allergy testing panel offers numerous benefits by helping individuals:

  • Identify Specific Allergens: Pinpoint the exact environmental and indoor allergens responsible for triggering symptoms.
  • Manage Allergy Symptoms Effectively: Utilize test results to tailor allergy management plans, including medication adjustments and lifestyle changes to minimize exposure.
  • Improve Quality of Life: Reduce symptoms and enhance daily functioning through better understanding and management of allergens.
  • Monitor Changes Over Time: Track how allergies evolve with changes in environment or personal sensitivity.

This test is ideal for anyone seeking to understand and manage their allergies more effectively in Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota. By identifying specific allergic triggers, residents can make informed decisions about how to best avoid these allergens and manage their symptoms, leading to a more comfortable and active life.

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