RBC Fragility, Incubated

The RBC Fragility, Incubated test contains 1 test with 11 biomarkers.

Osmotic (RBC) Fragility is used to assess disorders of the erythrocyte membrane. Increased osmotic fragility is found in hereditary spherocytosis, other RBC membrane disorders, and in idiopathic acquired hemolytic anemias. Diminished fragility is seen in conditions in which target cells are found.

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Also known as: Osmotic Fragility, RBC Fragility Incubated

0.30% NaCl

0.35% NaCl

0.40% NaCl

0.45% NaCl

0.50% NaCl

0.55% NaCl

0.60% NaCl

0.65% NaCl

0.85% NaCl


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