Phosphate, 24 Hour Urine (W/Creatinine)

The Phosphate, 24 Hour Urine (W/Creatinine) test contains 1 test with 4 biomarkers.

Clinical Significance

Phosphate, 24-Hour Urine with Creatinine - Phosphorus is present in many foods with a mean intake of approximately 1500 mg per day for adult males and about 1000 mg per day for adult females. Absorbed phosphate, under the influence of parathyroid hormone is readily excreted in the kidney. Measurement of urinary phosphorus generally reflects dietary intake hence, day-to-day excretion may show considerable variation.

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Also known as: Phosphate 24 Hour Urine WCreatinine

Creatinine, 24 Hour Urine

Phosphate, 24 Hour Urine

Phosphate/Creat Ratio

Total Volume

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