Indoor Allergen Panel

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American Cockroach (I206)

Also known as: Cat Dander e1 IgE

Cat Dander (E1) IgE

Also known as: Chicken Feathers e85 IgE

Chicken Feathers (E85)

Also known as: Cockroach i6 IgE

Cockroach (I6) IgE

Also known as: Cotton Crude Fibers o1 IgE

Cotton, Crude Fibers (01)

Also known as: Dermatophagoides farinae d2 IgE

Dermatophagoides Farinae

Also known as: Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus d1 IgE


Also known as: Dog Dander e5 IgE

Dog Dander (E5) IgE

Also known as: Duck Feathers e86 IgE

Duck Feathers (E86) IgE

Also known as: Eucalyptus t18 IgE

Eucalyptus (T18) IgE

Also known as: Ficus Species k81 IgE

Ficus Species (K81) IgE

Also known as: FormaldehydeFormalin k80 IgE


Also known as: Goose Feathers e70 IgE

Goose Feathers (E70) IgE

Also known as: House Dust HollisterStier h2 IgE

House Dust (Hollister-

Also known as: Latex k82 IgE

Latex (K82) IgE

Also known as: Mouse Epithelia e71 IgE

Mouse Epithelia (E71) IgE

Also known as: Sheep Epithelia e81 IgE

Sheep Epithelia (E81) IgE

Also known as: Storage Mite d71 IgE

Storage Mite (D71) IgE

Also known as: Turkey Feathers e89 IgE

Turkey Feathers (E89) IgE

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The Indoor Allergen Panel panel contains 19 tests with 19 biomarkers.

  • The Indoor Allergen Panel is designed to identify allergies caused by common home furnishings, such as Ficus houseplants, goose feather comforters, and natural latex mattresses.
  • This test is recommended for those seeking to find the source of their year-round allergies or worsening asthma when at home or looking at new furniture purchases.
  • The test covers 18 sources of allergens  (See below) in the home that can cause sneezing, nasal congestion, and asthma flare-ups.
    • Cat Dander (e1) IgE
    • Chicken Feathers (e85) IgE
    • Cockroach (i6) IgE
    • Cotton, Crude Fibers (o1) IgE 
    • Dermatophagoides farinae (d2) IgE
    • Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (d1) IgE
    • Dog Dander (e5) IgE
    • Duck Feathers (e86) IgE
    • Eucalyptus (t18) IgE
    • Ficus Species (k81) IgE
    • Formaldehyde/Formalin (k80) IgE
    • Goose Feathers (e70) IgE
    • House Dust (Hollister-Stier) (h2) IgE
    • Latex (k82) IgE
    • Mouse Epithelia (e71) IgE
    • Sheep Epithelia (e81) IgE
    • Silkworm (k74) IgE
    • Storage Mite (d71) IgE
    • Turkey Feathers (e89) IgE

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