Catecholamines, Fract.&VMA, 24-Hr Urine W/O Creati

The Catecholamines, Fract.&VMA, 24-Hr Urine W/O Creati test contains 1 test with 6 biomarkers.

Catecholamines, Fractionated and VMA, 24-Hour Urine without Creatinine

Catecholamines are a group of similar substances released into the blood in response to physical or emotional stress. The primary catecholamines are dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine. Catecholamine testing measures the amounts of these hormones in the urine and/or blood. Urine testing is recommended over blood testing.

Patient Preparation

It is preferable for the patient to be off medications for three days prior to collection. However, common antihypertensives (diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, alpha and beta blockers) may cause minimal or no interference.
Patient should avoid tobacco, tea, coffee, and strenuous exercise for 8-12 hours prior to collection.

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Also known as: Catecholamines Fractionated And Vma 24 Hour Urine Without Creatinine

Calculated Total (E+ne)

Dopamine, 24 Hr Urine

Epinephrine, 24 Hr Urine

Norepinephrine, 24 Hr Ur

Total Volume

Vma, 24 Hr Urine

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