Bladder Tumor Antigen DetectR™

The Bladder Tumor Antigen DetectR™ test contains 1 test with 1 biomarker.

Description: The Bladder Tumor Antigen DetectR™ test, offered by Quest Diagnostics, is a non-invasive diagnostic assay designed for the detection of bladder cancer. This test is primarily used for the monitoring and diagnosis of bladder cancer, particularly in individuals who have symptoms suggestive of this condition or for those who are at an increased risk.

Utilizing a urine sample, the Bladder Tumor Antigen DetectR™ test identifies the presence of specific antigens that are commonly associated with bladder tumors. These antigens are proteins or substances produced by bladder cancer cells and released into the urine. The detection of these antigens can indicate the presence of bladder cancer, even at an early stage.

This test is particularly useful for patients exhibiting symptoms like blood in urine (hematuria), frequent urination, or pain during urination. It's also an essential tool for the ongoing monitoring of patients who have a history of bladder cancer, to quickly identify any recurrence of the disease.

The Bladder Tumor Antigen DetectR™ test offers a quick and non-invasive way to assess the likelihood of bladder cancer, but it is important to note that it should not be used as the sole method for diagnosis. The results of the test need to be interpreted in conjunction with clinical findings and other diagnostic procedures by a healthcare professional.

Quest Diagnostics provides a comprehensive report of the test results, which can be a valuable component in the overall diagnostic and monitoring process for bladder cancer. This test is a crucial step in ensuring timely and effective treatment for patients suspected of having or known to have bladder cancer.

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