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Test Selection

Test Selection Made Easy

Are you a healthcare professional looking to offer more to your clients and community by including lab testing and health screenings in your services?

By incorporating Ulta Lab Tests into your healthcare offerings, you significantly boost the personalized support you provide to your clients. This addition not only enriches your service portfolio but also positively impacts the health outcomes of the individuals you care for. We encourage you to delve into what Ulta Lab Tests offers—a platform focused on the user, designed to enhance your lab testing procedures with an extensive array of more than 2,000 blood, saliva, urine, and stool lab tests sourced from Quest Diagnostics.

Ulta Lab Tests presents a wide range of over 400 clinically structured lab test panels. These panels, along with customizable lab profiles and a quick order test selection feature, are tailored to simplify and speed up the lab ordering process for your practice. The platform is crafted to help you effortlessly order lab tests, customize lab profiles specific to your practice's needs, and conduct thorough health screenings. These screenings are comprehensive, covering over 100 conditions and various life stages, aiming to refine your workflow and elevate the healthcare services you provide.

This integration means you can offer more comprehensive care and diagnostics, allowing for early detection, preventive healthcare, and tailored treatment plans. Ultimately, Ulta Lab Tests serves as a vital tool in enhancing the quality of care you deliver, making it an invaluable addition to your healthcare services.

Boost Your Healthcare Services with Ulta Lab Tests: >

Wide Range of Tests: With Ulta Lab Tests, pick from over 2,000 options. This includes blood, saliva, urine, and stool tests from Quest Diagnostics. It's a big selection to meet many needs.

Ready-Made Lab Panels: Use more than 400 lab test panels that are already set up. They make ordering tests faster and easier for you.

Customizable Tests: Tailor tests to fit exactly what your clients and community need. This customization speeds up choosing the right tests.

Easy Test Ordering: Quickly find the tests you use most or search by different details like condition or test name. It makes getting tests straightforward.

Broad Health Screenings: Provide wide-ranging health screenings that can detect various conditions at different life stages. It's comprehensive care for your clients.

Think about adding Ulta Lab Tests to what you offer. It's a step up for your services and a big help for your clients and community.

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Price and Cost

Affordable High-Quality Lab Testing with Ulta Lab Tests

Explore how Ulta Lab Tests bridges the gap between affordability and quality in healthcare. Our platform offers healthcare professionals a cost-effective way to provide their clients and community with high-quality lab testing, ensuring financial accessibility without compromising service excellence.

Offering Cost-Effective Solutions: If you're a healthcare professional seeking to make lab testing more accessible to your clients and community without sacrificing quality, Ulta Lab Tests stands as your ideal partner. In today's healthcare environment, achieving a balance between affordability and high-quality service is crucial.

Introducing Ulta Lab Tests: We present Ulta Lab Tests, engineered to deliver top-tier lab testing services that won't financially overburden your clients and community. This innovative solution is your pathway to marrying cost efficiency with exceptional quality in healthcare provision.

Unlocking Significant Savings: Adopting Ulta Lab Tests could slash your clients' and community's out-of-pocket expenses for lab tests by as much as 90%. Beyond these impressive savings, our extensive lab test panels are priced more competitively than their standalone counterparts. By choosing Ulta Lab Tests, you're not just offering affordability; you're enhancing the overall healthcare experience with high-quality, cost-effective lab testing solutions.

Key Benefits of Enhancing Your Healthcare Services with Ulta Lab Tests: >

Maximize Savings: Offer your clients and the broader community the chance to reduce their lab testing costs by up to 90%. This significant saving empowers them to manage their health more affordably.

Reduced Costs for Quality Tests: When you choose lab test panels from Ulta Lab Tests, you unlock further financial benefits. These panels ensure high-quality testing at more accessible prices, enhancing the value you deliver.

Competitive Pricing Advantage: Our commitment to affordable healthcare extends through our competitive pricing policy, renowned for being among the best nationwide. It guarantees that your clients and community have access to cost-effective lab testing and health screenings.

Customizable Savings: Take advantage of even more discounts on our customizable lab test panels, perfectly suited to the unique needs of your clients and community.

Start offering more value through cost-effective, high-quality lab testing by incorporating Ulta Lab Tests into your service offerings today.

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Ordering Options
Test Results

Access to Timely and Comprehensive Test Results

Accelerate patient care with Ulta Lab Tests, where rapid access to detailed lab test results meets the demand for excellence in healthcare. Our commitment to delivering quick, comprehensive results supports your mission to provide outstanding care, ensuring you can respond swiftly to your clients' health needs with accurate diagnostics and timely interventions.

Enhancing Patient Care with Rapid Results: If you're aiming to offer your clients and community immediate access to detailed lab test results for superior care, we've got your solution. Quick and thorough lab results are vital for top-notch patient care, and Ulta Lab Tests is committed to assisting you in this critical area.

Advanced Result Analysis Features: Our service integrates with cutting-edge Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Software, offering both Quest Clinical Reference Ranges and Functional Value Reference Ranges. These tools are designed for you and your clients to deepen their understanding of their health, providing color-coded graphs and the ability to monitor biomarker trends over time (tracking up to nine consecutive readings).

Quick and Insightful Results: Expect to receive test results from Quest within 12 to 48 hours for most tests, allowing you and your client to quickly act on your clients' health needs. This swift turnaround is crucial for early detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of various conditions, enabling you to offer proactive and optimized care.

Explore Ulta Lab Tests for a seamless way to manage and interpret lab results, enriching the care you provide to your clients and community with precise, timely information.

Key Benefits of Including Ulta Lab Tests into Your Healthcare Offering: >

Reliable Clinical Reference Ranges: Through our collaboration with Quest, we provide precise clinical reference ranges for each biomarker, ensuring the accuracy.

Customizable Functional Reference Ranges: Utilize our platform to tailor functional reference ranges, enhancing your practice's capabilities with personalized report generation.

Advanced Blood Chemistry Analysis: Our integration with the renowned Dr. Weatherby’s Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis ODX Software enables comprehensive blood chemistry evaluations, facilitating a deeper understanding of patient health.

Fast Access to Results: Experience the advantage of receiving test results quickly, typically within 12 to 48 hours for most tests, allowing for prompt patient care decisions.

Secure Patient Portal for Results: Patients gain immediate access to their test results via a secure portal as soon as they are released by Quest, supporting quick and informed healthcare decisions.

Interactive Result Visualization: Benefit from an engaging, color-coded graphical representation of test results, offering insights by test, biomarker, category, body system, and over time.

Monitor Biomarker Trends: Track changes in biomarkers effectively with up to nine consecutive readings, providing a detailed view of patient health over time.

Critical Alerts and Notifications: Patients receive direct notifications for critical test results, ensuring that patients with urgent needs are prioritized promptly.

Identify Key Health Indicators: Patients and healthcare providers can easily pinpoint biomarkers outside the normal clinical range, focusing on crucial health issues.

Incorporate Ulta Lab Tests into your healthcare services for a significant enhancement in patient care, leveraging our platform’s advanced features for a comprehensive health analysis.

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Patient Portal

Engage and Inform with the Ulta Lab Tests Patient Portal

Enhance patient engagement and streamline healthcare communication with the Ulta Lab Tests patient portal. This innovative tool is designed to elevate patient understanding, adherence to care plans, and satisfaction by providing a secure and interactive platform for managing their health information and lab test processes.

Streamlining Health Communication: Looking for an efficient way to engage your clients and community in their health care? The Ulta Lab Tests patient portal is your solution. It's essential for boosting their understanding, adherence to care plans, and overall satisfaction.

Keep Everyone Informed: Our secure online portal ensures your clients stay well-informed and involved in their health journey. It sends automated emails and reminders about lab test statuses, keeping everyone up to date effortlessly.

Easy Access to Health Records: Clients can easily view their order history within the portal, along with the ability to print requisitions, instructions, receipts, and other important documents. This convenience enhances their experience and engagement with their healthcare.

By integrating the Ulta Lab Tests patient portal into your service offerings, you're not just simplifying communication; you're enriching your clients' healthcare experience, making it more interactive and informed.

Key Advantages of Ulta Lab Tests Patient Portal: >

Enhanced Patient Engagement: Our service boosts patient involvement by streamlining communications and updates about their lab tests. This automation keeps patients informed and engaged in their healthcare process.

Access to Order History: The patient portal offers around-the-clock access to order histories, enabling your clients to print receipts for insurance claims, tax filings, or personal records. This feature adds a layer of convenience and control over their healthcare documentation.

Understanding Lab Results: Through the secure portal, clients can view their lab test results. Detailed explanations of biomarkers are provided, empowering them to grasp, monitor, and actively engage with the health strategies and recommendations you provide.

By integrating the Ulta Lab Tests patient portal into your practice, you enhance patient satisfaction and commitment to treatment plans. This tool offers timely, comprehensive information about lab tests, significantly enriching the healthcare experience for your clients. Explore the impact of our patient communication tools on your clients' healthcare journeys today.

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Payment Options

Simplified Payment Solutions with Ulta Lab Tests

Streamline your practice's financial transactions and enhance patient satisfaction with Ulta Lab Tests' simplified payment solutions. Our platform is designed to ease the burden of transactional and banking fees, offering diverse payment options to meet the needs of every client while allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care than financial management.

Ulta Lab Tests simplifies payment processes, offering direct online payments via credit/debit, HSA, and FSA cards for effortless transactions. We provide diverse payment options, reducing administrative costs and focusing on patient care. Our system enhances financial flexibility, streamlines billing, and improves patient satisfaction by making healthcare more accessible. Practices benefit from house accounts for easier management, minimizing transactional fees and boosting efficiency.

Trust Ulta Lab Tests for a streamlined, cost-effective payment solution that enhances your healthcare services.

Direct Online Payments: Clients can easily pay for lab tests online with credit/debit, HSA, and FSA cards, facilitating smooth transactions.

Financial Flexibility: A wide range of payment options accommodates diverse financial needs, promoting efficient healthcare spending.

Reduced Administrative Burden: Practices save on processing fees, allowing more focus on quality patient care.

Improved Efficiency and Satisfaction: Direct payment options enhance practice efficiency and patient experience, encouraging adherence to lab testing.

House Account Option: Practices can set up house accounts for streamlined order placement and reduced reliance on client credit cards.

Embrace Ulta Lab Tests for a streamlined Patient Pay system or to lower operational costs and simplify payment procedures, all while enhancing patient care and financial management. Our versatile payment solutions are designed to fit the unique needs of your practice and clients, transforming your healthcare services and supporting your clients' financial and health wellness efficiently. Choose our platform to elevate operational efficiency, patient satisfaction, and your practice's financial health.

Specimen Collection
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Ease of Set-Up

Ease of Setup with Ulta Lab Tests

Discover how Ulta Lab Tests can help you easily incorporate comprehensive lab testing into your practice, enhancing your services, and positively impacting patient care.

Make adding lab tests to your practice easier with Ulta Lab Tests. Our platform is designed for healthcare professionals like you, with an easy-to-use interface and customizable options. Expand your services and improve patient care effortlessly by integrating comprehensive lab testing into your practice.

Unlocking Benefits with Ulta Lab Tests: >

Effortless Start: Dive into our platform with ease; it's designed for quick setup, making your practice ready in just a few minutes.

Comprehensive Practice Portal: Access everything you need—from ordering tests to reviewing results and tracking sales and reports—in one centralized location.

Smooth Transition: Switching to Ulta Lab Tests is seamless. We tailor your Quick Order menu with your practice's frequently used tests and panels for a personalized experience.

Customized Testing Panels: Simplify how you order by setting up lab test panels custom-fit for your practice. Just let us know what you need, and we'll assemble it for you.

Optimized Ordering: Adjust your "quick order" and "most popular" lists with ease, ensuring you always have the essential tests for your clients' health needs at your fingertips.

Our goal is to streamline your lab testing process, freeing you up to concentrate on delivering superior patient care. Start with Ulta Lab Tests today and elevate your practice with our comprehensive support.

Practice Portal

Serving Clients Locally and Across the Nation

Broaden Your Reach: With Ulta Lab Tests, extend your services to meet the needs of clients in your community and beyond, enhancing your practice’s visibility online and attracting new clients from all over the country. Our consumer-facing microsite is designed to help you grow your practice's reach.

Seamless Expansion: In today's dynamic healthcare environment, reaching beyond your immediate locality to serve a national audience is important for growth. Our platform supports this expansion effortlessly, enabling you to connect with clients everywhere through our easy-to-use microsite.

Engage Widely: Our platform empowers you to interact with a broader audience, offering a customizable microsite that integrates easily with your existing online presence, such as your website, newsletters, and blogs. This not only makes lab testing more accessible but also essential, allowing clients to easily request and consult on lab tests online.

Unlock Growth Potential: Embrace the opportunity to tap into a growing health-conscious demographic nationwide, breaking free from local constraints and fostering significant growth in your practice.

Join Ulta Lab Tests today to start offering comprehensive online lab testing services, making healthcare more accessible to your clients and community, wherever they are.

Enhancing Your Practice with Ulta Lab Tests: >

Tailored Microsite for Lab Testing: Secure a co-branded, consumer-facing microsite with each account, designed to draw in individuals looking for online lab tests. This platform lets your clients and community easily buy tests, opening avenues for you to offer consultations based on their results.

Customize Your Online Presence: Craft a unique homepage that showcases your practice’s essence and features tailored Lab Test panels for easy ordering. This personal touch enhances user experience and streamlines access to your services.

Seamless Website and Content Integration: Elevate your practice's online services by linking your microsite directly from your website, newsletters, and blog posts. This integration not only broadens your digital footprint but also boosts patient engagement by making lab test information readily accessible.

Nationwide Expansion: Leverage Ulta Lab Tests and our comprehensive network of medical directors to extend your services across the country, reaching potential clients in areas where you don’t hold a license (with exceptions in NY, NJ, and RI), thus significantly widening your patient base.

With Ulta Lab Tests, you’re equipped to grow your practice, reaching a wider audience while providing convenient, accessible lab testing services.

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Elevate Your Practice with Ulta Lab Tests' Platform

Secure and Private Lab Testing Solution: Ulta Lab Tests offers a platform that prioritizes your practice's and clients' privacy and security, adhering to HIPAA and PCI compliance standards. This commitment ensures the utmost protection of sensitive information.

Partnered with Quest Diagnostics: Gain confidence with our connection to Quest Diagnostics, the leading clinical lab in the U.S., known for reliable and accurate lab results. With access to over 2,100 Quest Patient Service Centers across the country (except in NJ, NY, & RI), your clients are guaranteed convenient testing locations.

Efficient EMR: Simplify your lab test ordering and management with our intuitive free EMR software. This technology streamlines the entire process, from ordering to reviewing results, significantly improving patient care efficiency.

Revolutionize Lab Testing in Your Practice: By joining Ulta Lab Tests, you'll transform your lab testing approach with a platform that enhances both operational efficiency and patient satisfaction. Start with us today and take a significant step forward in your healthcare delivery.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Customer Support Team

Exceptional Customer Support with Ulta Lab Tests

Ulta Lab Tests prioritizes exceptional customer support to simplify lab testing for healthcare providers. Understanding the crucial role of lab testing in healthcare, we offer dedicated support tailored to the unique needs of each practice. Our team is available all week, including weekends, providing expert guidance for managing lab tests efficiently. With customized solutions and a focus on continual improvement based on your feedback, Ulta Lab Tests stands as a committed partner in enhancing your healthcare services. Experience the difference our support can make in optimizing your lab testing process and improving patient care.

Committed to Your Success: At Ulta Lab Tests, we recognize the critical role of lab testing in healthcare delivery. Our dedicated customer support team is here to enhance your experience, providing personalized assistance tailored to the unique needs of your practice, ensuring you have the support necessary for seamless lab testing operations.

Professional Expertise: Our support team consists of trained professionals familiar with our lab testing services and processes. This ensures you receive accurate, reliable, and useful advice and guidance whenever needed.

Available: Our team is at your service throughout the week, including weekends, ready to address your inquiries or concerns quickly and efficiently. This ensures you have the support you need, when you need it, to keep your practice running smoothly.

Expert Guidance: Comprised of professionals well-versed in lab testing services and protocols, our support team offers accurate and helpful advice. Whether it's navigating your account, managing orders, or facilitating specimen collection, we're here to provide expert assistance every step of the way.

Customized and Improving Service: We adapt our support to fit your practice's specific demands, ensuring relevant and effective solutions. Your feedback is a vital part of our ongoing effort to enhance our services, making Ulta Lab Tests a continually improving partner in healthcare.

With Ulta Lab Tests, you gain a partner dedicated to supporting your lab testing needs, allowing you to focus on providing top-tier care to your clients and community. Join us and experience the difference our dedicated customer support can make in your practice.