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Licensed pharmacies and Pharmacists may setup a Pharmacy account with Ulta Lab Tests.
  • Qualified pharmacies and Pharmacists begin the account set-up process by registering here on the Ulta Lab Tests website.
  • Once your registration is approved, you will be granted access to your secure online portal, a cobranded microsite, the laboratory test menu and related software.
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Our business agreement with a major laboratory has enabled Ulta Lab Tests to negotiate very competitive nationwide pricing.
  1. The Pharmacist submits the order for the lab tests that the patient has selected on their secure pharmacy portal.
    • The patient selects the tests and shares with their Pharmacist the lab tests that they would like to have ordered.
    • The pharmacy staff places the patient’s order and processes the patient’s payment through our safe and secure payment system.
    • The Pharmacist provides to the patient:
      • The lab test requisition order to take to the Patient Service Center (PSC).
      • Instructions and any special directions that may be required to prepare for the specimen collection.
      • Patient receipt for the lab test purchase.
    • The patient will also receive an automated confirmation email receipt from Ulta Lab Tests along with instructions to create their own confidential Ulta Lab Tests account where they can review their results.
  2. The patient may select and order their lab tests on the pharmacy’s co-branded microsite provided by Ulta Lab Tests.
    • Research and select their lab tests or wellness package online with or without the guidance of their Pharmacist or Physician.
    • Create or login to their, confidential Ulta Lab Tests account.
    • Select and purchase their tests online through our safe and secure payment system.
    • Download and print their receipt for the lab tests ordered.
    • Download and print their lab test requisition after checkout to take to the Patient Service Center (PSC).

Your patient can have their blood drawn at one of our partners 2,500 Patient Service Centers located across the United States (with the exception of NJ, NY and RI).

  • In the order process the Pharmacist if placing the order, or the patient if placing the order directly, will be asked to select a Patient Service Center (PSC) to have the blood drawn or specimen collected.
  • If the patient places their lab test order online, they will be prompted to select a PSC that is convenient to them.
  • If the pharmacy team places the lab test order on behalf of the patient, the pharmacy will provide the patient the choices of Patient Service Centers (PSC) that are convenient to them using our zip code search function.
  • The patient has the option to change the location of the PSC selected on their online portal at any time after their order has been placed.
  • The patient will take their PSC Requisition with them to the PSC to have their blood drawn (specimen collected).
  • The PSC Requisition is required. It contains the list of the lab tests to be performed and instructions for the patient to follow.
  • If the lab test or wellness package requires fasting, then the patient must fast for 12 hours or as directed prior to the blood draw (special instructions will be noted on the patient’s lab requisition order).
No, the PSC does not require an appointment. However, it may save the patient time if they call the PSC to make an appointment or to ask for their schedule and availabilities.
Your patients review their test results and biomarkers using our online system.
  • Within a few business days following the collection of their blood (specimen), your patient will receive an email notification that their results are available (occasionally, complex tests may take between 7-10 business days for results).
  • Your patient’s results will be uploaded into their private and secure healthcare dashboard.
  • The patient will log in and view intuitive charts that display their data, along with detailed explanations of their biomarkers to assist them in understanding their results.
  • Easy to read PDF's of the tests results are also available to print and share with their Pharmacist, Physician or other healthcare provider.
Your patients’ personalized health dashboard makes it easy for them to view diagnostic changes that occur between their blood tests, allowing them to adjust their wellness plan for even better health. Their practitioner can review their unique biomarkers, and discuss personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs and goals.

You can encourage your patients to track their progress, consult with their physician or healthcare provider and retest as directed.

  • We recommend that your patient share and review their results with their Physician and healthcare providers.
  • It's up to the patient whether they share their test results.
No. Your patient does not need to see a Physician to get a lab test through your pharmacy or to order directly through your microsite provided by Ulta Lab Tests. We enable your patients to directly order lab tests through your pharmacy and microsite, using the same testing labs as healthcare providers and hospitals, which are CLIA certified and regulated by governmental agencies. We help your patients save time and money and they get their lab results that they can share with their pharmacy, doctor or healthcare provider.

Charges from Ulta Lab Tests may not be submitted for reimbursement from any insurance or other health care benefit program or payor. This prohibition applies whether the insurance program is private (such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, etc.) or public (such as Medicare or Medicaid or any other state or federally funded health plan or program).

No. We have negotiated discounted cash prices with national laboratories; therefore, direct access lab testing cannot be submitted to Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare often covers lab-testing services; however, if Medicare declares that a lab test is not "medically necessary" or that it exceeds an annual limit (is being taken too often), your patient still has the option to order their medical lab tests from Ulta Lab Tests. Your patient will have to pay for their lab work in advance, and Medicare will not reimburse them for the testing; however, by having Ulta Lab Tests perform the testing, seniors will save valuable dollars.
  • We have implemented industry best practices and controls, including state of the art technology that minimizes our company's overhead. The result is superior customer service, and quick, accurate and secure test results at a low cost.
  • We have affiliated with pharmacies like yours to extend our national pricing and platform into their practice so that their patients can benefit by the cost savings of our program.
  • We purchase on extremely high testing volumes for patients across the United States, which allows us to offer discount pricing with our lab partners. Additionally, we have negotiated prompt payment with the national laboratories and removed excess costs. Securing advance payment from your patients enables us to secure exceptionally low prices from the national laboratories and then pass these savings directly on to your patients.
  • All specimens are analyzed at CLIA certified laboratories.
  • With over 2,500 locations across the United States, your patients should be able to find a location that is convenient for them.
Currently, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island state laws prohibit direct-access testing. Our lab tests cannot be conducted at lab locations located within these states.
  • Test results are available for download within seconds of their availability from the testing laboratory.
  • Times to complete testing, once samples are received, are controlled by the lab performing the service and vary based on the type of testing ordered.
  • Lab results, including Panels, are typically available 1-3 business days after a blood draw has been completed. Occasionally, complex test results can take between 7-10 business days.
  • Your patient will be notified via email once their results are available.

Patient will be able to review their test results and biomarkers online.

  • Within 1 to 3 business days, your patient will receive an email notification when their results are available (occasionally, complex tests may take between 7-10 business days for results).
  • Your patient’s results will be uploaded into their private and secure healthcare dashboard.
  • The patient will log in to their portal and view intuitive charts that display their data, along with explanations of the biomarkers to give them a clear understanding of their results.
  • Your patients are also provided easy to read PDF's of their lab test results that are available to print and share with their Pharmacist, Physician and healthcare provider.
  • We provide additional communication to alert your patients should our national laboratory identify that your patient’s results are abnormal with a critical or panic value requiring immediate medical care. We will also provide additional communication to alert your patient should their lab test results be positive for communicable diseases.
  • Abnormalities should be considered an early warning, but do not necessarily mean that your patient has an illness or disease. We strongly recommend that your patient share and discuss their results with their healthcare provider for evaluation, further testing and diagnosis.
Most of the individual lab tests offered require no preparation. However, many of our health and wellness panels do require fasting. If there are special requirements prior to testing, (i.e. such as fasting for up to 12 hours), your patient will be notified in the Patient Instructions that are attached with the patient’s PSC Lab Test Requisition.
  • We have organized our lab tests in a variety of groupings ranging from conditions to lifestyle and we have provided filters to help your patient’s sort and evaluate hundreds of lab tests and panels that may be of benefit to them.
    • Test Panels
    • Conditions & Disease States
    • Body
    • Life Style
    • Most Popular
    • Search Tests
  • Additionally, we list each of the biomarkers for the tests so that you and your patients can compare in detail the tests, and across tests that are offered in Test Panels.
  • We also recommend that your patients consult with healthcare providers.
No. It is common to order multiple lab tests off of one blood draw; where there is just one needle stick.
Yes. Your patient should always take medicine that has been prescribed by their physician. Please have your patient reference their Patient Instructions on their Lab Test Requisition for any exception to this rule or other special requirements and consult with a physician if necessary.
As part of the order process, the standard laboratory identifiers that are required include the patient’s name, age, sex, address, and phone number. Ulta Lab Tests also requires the patient's email address so that they can set up their secure online portal to access their results.
  • When the pharmacy is placing the order for the lab tests on behalf of their patient, the pharmacy representative will collect the patient’s credit card payment information and enter it into the Ulta Lab Tests platform to complete the online order.
  • When the patient is ordering through the pharmacy’s microsite, the patient will be prompted to provide their payment information to complete the ordering of their tests.
  • Regardless of who places the order, the patient’s payment information is entered online through an encrypted transmission secured by™ for their protection. Your patient’s payment information is not stored on the ordering system.
  • We accept all major credit and debit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover and most Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards, or medical or healthcare debit card from your patients insurance carrier.
The patients’ online credit card transactions that are performed on our website are fully encrypted and secured by™ for their protection. Once the patients order has been processed, the only information we retain about your patient’s credit card is the last four (4) digits of the card's number for order auditing purposes.
Whether your patients purchased their lab tests through your pharmacy or online through your pharmacy website, the charge on their credit card statement for their lab test will appear with the name of our company, Ulta Lab Tests.

Ulta Lab Tests is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its privacy rules issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Click here to view our privacy notice.

Our business partners and associates have been selected based on their quality of service and their full compliance with the requirements of HIPAA.

Ulta Lab Tests is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and its privacy rules issued by HHS.

Except where it is required by law, test results can only be disclosed to the persons or entities that the patient authorizes in a written format. Click here to view our privacy notice.

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