Dr Kines

Dr Kasia Kines

Do you feel like your life has been stripped away by Epstein-Barr Virus no matter how hard you try, how many doctors you see, and how many therapies you try? How many more diagnoses and autoimmune disorders will you get? How many more years will your life be in pain, brain fog and disabling fatigue?

I've been there with some of my own clients too, hitting the wall and not being able to help them all the way no matter what I did. My a-ha moment came when I discovered that EBV was behind some of these "mysteries".

I did not stop until I developed an entire recovery process, the only existing evidence-based and proven recovery methodology for EBV. My promise to you is that if you struggle from EBV and follow this process, you too will be able to reclaim your life.

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Baseline Biomarkers

This is our Basic Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 4 Tests 63 Biomarkers.
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Basic Plus
This is our Basic Plus Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 13 Tests 75 Biomarkers.
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This is our Advanced Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 22 Tests 115 Biomarkers.
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This is our Comprehensive Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 25 Tests 119 Biomarkers.
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