The Thyroid Survivor Network is a patient advocacy group seeking to raise awareness and provide support for thyroid disease survivors. We believe that each patient should have the tools and knowledge necessary to take control over their health and become their own advocates! While we encourage patients to partner with their medical professionals regarding their care, it is imperative that patients be able to order their own labs especially when faced with doctors refusing to run anything other than TSH and T4. We understand the importance of full labs which include Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, among others, and we are proud to partner with Ulta Labs to provide these labs at affordable prices.

As part of our commitment to empower thyroid disease survivors, the Thyroid Survivor Network also provides three online support groups that welcome fellow survivors to come share their experiences, gain knowledge and find support whenever they need it!

For those suffering from Thyroid Cancer at any stage of their journey, join our TSN-Thyroid Cancer Group

For those who have lost all or most of our thyroid function and seeking to reclaim their lives, join our TSN-Recovering from Thyroid Disease Group

For those thyroid warriors who want to lose weight, get healthy and stay motivated by following the Ketogenic lifestyle, join our TSN-Keto Warriors Group

For more information, please visit our website at or visit us on Facebook

Get Started - Baseline Panels

Don't know where to start? Select an area of interest to find a test panel to help you get started. Choose from a basic economical test panel to a comprehensive in-depth test panel.

Baseline Biomarkers

This is our Basic Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 4 Tests 63 Biomarkers.
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Basic Plus
This is our Basic Plus Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 13 Tests 75 Biomarkers.
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