Lipid Peroxides

The Lipid Peroxides test contains 1 test.

Lipid Peroxides 

Patient Preparation 

Patient should fast 8-12 hours prior to collection. Patient may have water.
It is not necessary to discontinue nutritional supplements prior to this test. Abnormalities that may be found will reveal special needs that have not been met by recent dietary and supplemental intake.

Clinical Significance

Lipid peroxides are the products of chemical damage done by oxygen free radicals to the polyunsaturated fatty acids of cell membranes. This test is an assay of total thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances (TBARS) in serum using HPLC. The HPLC separation step isolates the tbars from potential interferring compounds that can give false elevations in a simple colorimetric assay. The results provide a measure of total serum lipid peroxidation, an indicator of whole body free radical activity. High levels of lipid peroxides are associated with cancer, heart disease, stroke, and aging.

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Also known as: Lipids

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