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Our Physician program provides a unique and easy to use online platform, which includes tools, training and processes to order lab tests and panels, review results and enhance individual patient care. Printable PDF

Test Selection

Extensive Test Selection
Over 2,000 serum, saliva, urine & stool lab tests and panels from Quest.
Lab Test Panels
Select from over 300 structured lab test panels to accelerate the test selection process.
Create Custom Lab Profiles
Create your own unique lab profiles specific to your practice to accelerate the test selection process.
"Most Popular" Test Selection
Quickly access your most often ordered lab tests or locate tests based upon condition, body system, test panel, test name, abbreviation, order number, etc.


Patient Savings
Save your patients up to 80% off lab testing self-pay price.
Lower Test Prices
We provide additional savings on lab tests when ordered through our lab test panels.


Quick Order
Minimize the time to select one or more tests to order for your patients with our Quick Order feature.
Order Queue
Quickly communicate selected tests for each patient to your team, by placing orders into the queue. Support staff will retrieve the order from the queue, complete the patient and order information, collect payment and the specimens (if applicable).
Test Categories
Seven methods to search for and order tests: Order Queue, Search, Most Popular, Get Started, Test Panels, Conditions & Disease State and Body.


Quest Clinical Reference Ranges
Quest processes the labs ordered on our platform and returns the clinical reference ranges for each biomarker.
Functional Value Reference Ranges
We provide practitioners with the flexibility to set their own functional ranges and create custom reports for their practice.
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Software - Plugin
We are integrated with Blood Chemistry Software which allows participating practitioners with the ability to automatically upload results into Dr. Weatherby's "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Software Program".
Timely Results
Most test results are returned overnight, generally within 12 to 48 hrs.
Test Results, Immediate Access
As tests result are released from Quest labs throughout the day, they are immediately available for review.
Review Results
Practitioners may easily access their patient’s results through web enabled devices both in and out of their office, 24/7.
Alerts & Notifications
We immediately notify the practitioner of critical lab tests results as they are reported.
Dynamic Review of Results
Results are dynamically displayed via graph; they are color-coded and may be viewed by specific test, biomarker, category, body system, and time frame.
Biomarkers out of Clinical Range
Our platform enables practitioners to quickly identify and focus on biomarkers that are out of clinical range.
Review Changes in Biomarkers
Our innovative platform enables Physicians to monitor their patients’ results over time, displaying up to 9 consecutive readings for each biomarker
Sharing Results with Patient
Practitioners have the flexibility to choose how and when to share test results with their patients. Upon review, you have the option to release lab tests results to your patients through our secure patient portal.
Pharmacy and Practitioner Collaboration
Electronically interface and share select lab test results with your Pharmacy partners to facilitate compounding, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and medication management programs.

Patient Portal

Patient Communication
Our platform has the capability to send automated communications and notifications to Patients.
Patient’s Order History
Patients have access to their order history on their secure online patient portal 24/7, where they can print their receipt for insurance, tax preparation or other needs.
Patient Lab Test Results
We provide practitioners with the flexibility, upon review, the option to release lab tests results to their patients through a secure patient portal accompanied with information explaining the biomarkers. This enables the patient to track and be proactive with the programs and instructions prescribed by their physician.
Patient Lab Test Requisitions
Practitioners may pre-order lab tests and or follow up lab tests for their patients, and their patients can access and print their Lab Test Requisition using their secure portal. The patient can then take their lab test requisition to a convenient PSC to have their specimens collected, enabling the physician to have the lab test results in advance of their appointment with their patient.

Account Management and Tools

User Account Security
Manage account information and access rights to specific account activities for each member of your practice.
Manage Quick Order
Add and remove the tests listed on the Most Popular Tests page and Quick Order page.
Manage Functional Medicine Result Ranges - Optional
The Result Ranges feature allows you to create custom functional value ranges for each analyte.
Find marketing materials to help you develop and grow your business.
Order Fees
Manage fees for consulting, research and miscellaneous expenses related to the lab tests purchased and interpreted by your practice
Payment Methods
Add a payment method as an option to be used when placing orders from your physician's portal. Your payment information is secured by Authorize.Net and is not stored by Ulta Lab Tests.
Pay History
Access the payments that we make to your account monthly for completed lab tests.
Automatically link your patient’s lab results with your Blood Chemistry Analysis Software Program
Sales History
Review your patient orders, track sales, and check the status of orders; created, canceled, completed, etc. and review payments that have been made to your account.
Test Directory
The Test Directory provides you the ability to search all tests that are available for you to order with the Base Price (Physician Direct Price), Administrative Service Fee (ASF) and Retail Price.


HIPAA & PCI Compliance
We are compliant with HIPAA & PCI regulations and requirements.
Ulta Lab Tests has established accounts with Quest Diagnostics, the largest clinical lab in the US, with over one million tests performed per day. Our platform operates on a bi-directional interface with the Quest Diagnostics system via its certified and tested processes.
Ulta’s EMR software unifies and simplifies the ordering process, the review of results, and record-keeping processes. Orders are submitted into Quest’s electronic repository. Once a test is ordered, patients can print their requisition and visit one of the 2,100 Quest Diagnostics Center Patient Service Centers nationwide (excluding NY, NJ & RI), where their lab test will be collected and sent for processing.
Our private and secure portal provides your practice secure, fast and reliable delivery of their results.


Physician Direct Lab Prices
We will lower your lab costs with our everyday low pricing, one of the most competitive in the industry.
Discounted Lab Panels
We further discount our lab test panels, your custom lab test panels, and competitive lab panels including those of Professional CO-OP & Principal Lab.
Price List
After you have registered with Ulta Lab Tests by opening an account, you will have access to our lab tests, panels and biomarkers, along with our price list.


Incremental Income
Generate incremental income by adding a mark-up using our platform.
Order Fees
We enable you to manage any additional order fees that you normally charge the patient. During the time of purchase, you will have the option to add recurring order fees to the patient's order and automatically adjust the amount charged.
Specimen Collection Income
If you elect to collect specimens in your office, we compensate your practice for the collection of the lab specimens.
Decrease Expenses
We collect payment for lab tests when ordered on our platform. Your practice does not incur accounting, billing, collection or bad debit expenses associated with lab tests ordered through our platform.
No Fees or Charges
There are no membership fees or charges to use our platform.
No Bank Fees or Transactional Charges
We save our practitioners an average of $2.50 to $5.00 per order by eliminating the 2.5% to 5% transactional and bank processing fees incurred by accepting patient payments.
No Inventory Costs
There are no inventory costs for lab tests nor charges for specimen collection supplies or centrifuge.
No Computer Fees
There is no special hardware or software to install, access is through a secure web browser.
Save time and money with our streamlined ordering process, data downloads, test management and the review of the lab test results.


Patient Payment
We collect payment from the patient for each order and save practitioners an average of $2.50 to $5.00 per patient, by eliminating the 2.5% to 5% transactional and bank processing fees incurred by accepting patient payments.
Payment Methods - Patient
Patient pays for their lab test at the time of order with their credit / debit card; HSA or FSA credit and debit cards are also accepted.
Payment Methods – Practice
Practice has the option to add a house account payment method to use when placing orders from the physician's portal rather than using the patients credit card to purchase tests.
FSA & HSA Account
We accept HSA or FSA credit / debit card.
Patient pays for their lab test at the time of order and has the option to submit their receipt for lab services along with their insurance claim form to their health insurance provider. We generate a receipt for each order that includes the CPT codes for each lab test and the receipt has a space for the physician to enter the ICD 9 / ICD 10 codes.

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection
Your patients have access to 2,100 Quest Patient Service Centers nationally (excluding NY, NJ & RI) to have their specimen collected and we support in-office specimen collection with courier pick up.
Pre-order Lab Tests
Pre-order lab tests for your patients prior to their appointment. Your patients can print their Lab Test Requisition from their home using our platform and take it to a Quest PSC to have their specimens collected.
Office Draw Station
If you elect to collect specimens in your office we will coordinate the order of specimen collection supplies, including the centrifuge, at no charge.
Specimen Transportation
Choose daily courier pick up or on-call courier service from Quest for collected specimens.

Ease of Set Up

Customized Lab Panels for Your Practice
Ordering customized lab test panels is quick and easy. Simply submit the components and we will build it for you.
Most Ordered Lab Tests (Quick Order)
Practitioners can select any lab test or panel and quickly “add or remove” these tests to their most popular and quick order menu.
Easy Migration
Experience a quick and smooth transition to the Ulta Lab Tests platform. Ulta Lab Tests can customize your Quick Order menu by adding the most popular lab tests and panels used by your practice.
Turn-key Setup
Easy for all associates to use. Your practice can be up and running in minutes.

Practice Portal Administrative Functions

Order Lab Tests
Seven methods to search for tests: Order Queue, Search, Most Popular, Get Started, Test Panels, Conditions & Disease States and Body.
Quick Order
Quickly select one or more tests to order. The only tests in this list are the most popular tests.
Order Queue
Search for orders in the queue that are ready to be completed.
Order Search
Search for orders by date range, orders “with or without results” and results that “have or have not been released” to the patient.
View Results
Allows you to review results for orders that have results.
Specimen Queue
Search for orders that need to have specimens collected on site and set the collected date and time.
Patient Search
Search for patients by name, date of birth and/or phone number.
Frequently Asked Questions

Practice Microsite

Consumer Facing Lab Testing microsite
Each account receives a consumer facing co-branded microsite. Use the microsite to attract individuals that are interested in ordering online lab tests directly. With your permission the patient can purchase tests through your microsite providing you the opportunity to consult with the patient on their results.
Home Page Customized for Practice
Customize the landing page to include a brief description of the practice. Feature customized Lab Test panels on home page (i.e. Blood Chemistry Analysis Standard Panel).
Practice Website
Add to your Practice website “Lab Tests” navigation with links to the co-branded microsite. The microsite contains links back to the practice’s website, enabling the practice to extend its healthcare offering to online patients.
Practice News Letters
Option to integrate into newsletters. “links to featured or specific lab test(s)” on the practices microsite.
Practice Blogs
Option to integrate into blog postings “links to featured or specific lab test(s)” on the practices microsite.
Integrate your microsite into your practice’s website to extend the reach and service to your patients.

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