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Expand Your Pharmacy Offering

Extend your pharmacy service offering to include direct access to lab tests for your patients. Offer your patients customized sets of lab tests and health panels that complement your program’s focus and discipline. Lab tests are available to order without a prescription, 24/7 through a co-branded website that is provided to you at “no charge”.

Expand Your Wellness Image

Promote to your patients, lab tests and health screenings, that complement your pharmacy healthcare offering. Encourage your patients to track their biomarkers to measure the progress that they have made through exercise, diet, nutritional supplements, medication and lifestyle changes that are part of your program.

Pharmacy Value Positioning

Share information and promotions on lab tests that complement your program with your patients through in-store POP, news letters, blogs, emails, websites, etc by sharing links to the specific lab tests/panels on your co-branded microsite. Add links to your pharmacy website to your co-branded microsite to provide your patients direct access to ordering over 1,500 lab tests and panels.

New Source of Income

There are no charges or fees associated with our program. Receive income of up to 20% for each lab test or panel that is purchased through your co-branded website and/or pharmacy portal. After you have registered with Ulta Lab Tests and your account is activated, you will have access to our lab tests, panels and biomarkers, along with our price list and Administration Service Payments

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Direct Access to Lab Tests

Direct Access to Lab Tests (No Prescription Needed)

Enable your patients to order through you and or through your microsite lab tests, without the need of a prescription (not available in NJ, NY and RI).

Direct Access to Lab Tests

Test Selection

Your patients can easily access and purchase the most popular health screenings and lab tests or locate tests based upon condition, body system, test panel, test name, abbreviation or test order number.

Extensive Lab Test Selection – Your patients have access to over 1,500 serum, saliva, urine & stool lab tests and 300 panels without the need of a prescription.

Create Custom Lab Profiles - Create your own unique lab profiles specific to your pharmacy and progam needs.

Health Screenings – Offer your patient’s comprehensive health screenings and lab tests that cover over 100 conditions and life stages.

Athletic Fitness
Baseline Biomarkers
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BHP)
Breast Cancer
Blood Health
Cancer – Tumors
Cardiovascular Health
Celiac Disease
Diabetes Health
Digestive & Intestinal Health
Drug Testing
Fitness and Performance
Gastrointestinal (GI) Health
General Health
Hashimoto Thyroiditis
Heart Health
Hepatitis - Liver Disease
Hormone Health & Imbalance
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Insulin Resistance
Immune System Health
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Kidney Health
Liver Health
Lyme Disease
Men’s Health
Metabolic Health
Ovarian Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer
Pernicious Anemia and other B Vitamin Deficiencies
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Prostate Cancer
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Senior Health
Sickle Cell Anemia
Sjögren Syndrome
Testicular Cancer
Titer Tests for Hepatitis, MMR, Varicella, Tdap, Polio, etc.
Thyroid Health
Urinary Tract Infection
Vitamins & Minerals
Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Folate Deficiency
Vitamin D Deficiency
Vitamin K Deficiency
Weight Management
Women’s Health
Wilson Disease

Patient Benefits


Patient Savings
Save your patients up to 80% off health screenings and lab test self-pay prices.
Lower Test Prices
Your patients will have access to over 300 health screening and lab test panels that are bundled for additional savings and value.


Order Online
Patients can order their health screenings and lab tests directly on your co-branded website 24/7/365.
Optional Ordering
As an option, we can enable your pharmacy to place orders requested by your patients and customers from your pharmacy’s co-branded website.


Timely Results
Most test results are returned overnight, generally within 12 to 48 hrs. and are available to your patients on their secure portal.
Immediate Access
As tests results are released from the processing labs throughout the day, they are immediately available for your patient’s review on their secure portal.
Dynamic Review of Results
Most results are dynamically displayed via graph; they are color-coded and may be viewed by specific test, biomarker, category, body system, and time frame.
Review Changes in Biomarkers
Our innovative platform enables your patients to monitor their results over time, displaying up to 9 consecutive readings for each biomarker.
Alerts & Notifications
We immediately notify the patient of critical lab tests results as they are reported.
Biomarkers out of Clinical Range
Our platform enables the patient to quickly identify and focus on biomarkers with their pharmacy professional that are out of clinical range.
Reviewing Results with Client Approval
The patient has the option, with a click of a button, to release their lab tests results to the pharmacy professional through their secure and personal portal.
Physician Collaboration
Electronic interface with physicians to share select lab test results with your Physician partners to facilitate compounding, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and medication management programs.


Patient Payment
Payment is collected from the patient as the order is placed on your co-branded website using their debit or credit card. (Most major credit cards are accepted)
FSA & HSA Account
Patient can pay for their lab test at the time of order with their HSA or FSA credit / debit card.
We generate a receipt for each order that includes the CPT codes for each lab test purchased. Patient pays for their lab test at the time of order and has the option to submit their receipt for lab services along with their insurance claim form to their health insurance provider.

Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection
Your patient has their blood drawn or specimen collected off site at one of 2,100 Quest Patient Service Centers nationally (excluding NJ, NY and RI).
Your patient may purchase and have a fingerstick offered through our program with the collection of the specemin performed by a person trained and authorized at your pharmacy.

Patient Portal

Patient’s Order History
Patients have access to their order history on their secure online personal portal 24/7, where they can print their receipt for insurance, tax preparation or other needs.
Patient Lab Test Results
We release lab tests results to your patients through a secure personal portal accompanied with information explaining the biomarkers. This enables the patient to track and be proactive with the programs and instructions prescribed by their pharmacy professionals.
Patient Lab Test Requisitions
Patients access and print their Lab Test Requisition using their secure portal. The patient can then take their lab test requisition to a convenient PSC to have their specimens collected.

Pharmacy Benefits


Incremental Income
Generate incremental year round income of up to 20% of the retail health screening and test price.
No Inventory Costs
There is no inventory cost, inventory or shrink.
No Hidden Charges
There are no membership fees or charges to use our platform.
No Bank Fees or Transactional Charges
We collect payment for lab tests when ordered on our platform. Your business does not incur bank or transactional charges, accounting, billing, collection or bad debit expenses associated with lab tests ordered through our platform.
No Computer Fees
There is no special hardware or software to install, access is through a secure web browser.

Optional Pharmacy Uses & Opportunities

Monitor the therapeutic blood levels
Monitor the therapeutic blood levels of drugs in patients taking specific medications that have narrow therapeutic ranges [i.e. psychotropic, thyroid medications, diabetes medicines (e.g., insulin), seizure medicines (e.g., phenytoin, carbamazepine), heart medicines (e.g., digoxin) and prescription painkillers.]
Monitor the biomarkers
Monitor the biomarkers of patients on therapeutic drugs that have a higher risk of adverse reactions that can impact core body systems like the kidneys, the liver and blood.
Medication Adherence, Compliance and Effectiveness
Monitor the biomarkers of patients on maintenance medications, espe- cially those that symptoms cannot be easily monitored. Evaluate the results and effectiveness of the medications and reinforce with the patient the benefits of compliance (i.e., Statins - lipid and LDL & HDL particles).
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
Monitor and manage hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for your patients and Physician Partners.
Professional Collaboration
Physicians interface with their patients annually (maybe less) whereas you see patients monthly or more often. In addition to managing your patient’s medication therapy, you can involve the physician when risks appear in your patient’s health screenings and lab tests.
Patient wins
Your patient’s risks are identified and addressed on a timely basis and serious medical conditions can be identified and addressed sooner, often with better outcomes. Your patients can become proactive in their health, through monitoring, measuring and compliance.
Physician wins
Alert patients to visit their physicians as risk are identified outside of their annual scheduled appointments. Pre-conditions can be identified, addressed and monitored closely while medications can be reviewed, adjusted and changed as needed.

Ease of Set Up & Use

Pharmacy Professional Portal
We provide easy access through a personalized co-branded portal to order lab tests, review lab test results, sales and reports.
Turnkey Setup
We provide a co-branded consumer Microsite that becomes active within minutes for your patients and customers to use.
Most Popular Lab Tests
Within your website is a “Most Popular” section. This section is preloaded with the most popular health screenings and lab tests. You can add or delete tests in this section to customize which health screenings and lab tests are available to your patients in the “Most Popular” menu.

Expand Pharmacy Services

Expand and Enhance Your Pharmacy Offering
Extend your pharmacy service offering to include direct access to health screenings and lab tests for your patients.
Use our health screenings and lab tests to attract new patients and reinforce your health care image and positioning with your current patients.
Customized Lab Tests Panels
Offer your patients customized sets of lab tests and health screenings that complement your program focus and discipline.
Pharmacy Portal
We provide you with a portal where you can assit your patients with ordering their lab tests, print lab requisitions, receive results, and track their biomarkers over time.
We provide a co-branded micosite where your patients can order health screenings and lab tests, obtain lab requisitions, receive results, and track their biomarkers over time.
Microsite Links
The pharmacy professional co-branded microsite contains links in the main navigation back to the pharmacy professionals website. It is designed to easily integrate with your website to provide expanded access to your patients through your co-branded microsite.
Test Links
Each lab test and panel has a unique URL that can be integrated into news letters, blogs, emails and website; to direct patients to a specific lab test/panel on the co-branded microsite.
Printed Material
Promote health screenings and lab tests with co-branded marketing materials (Flyers, Posters, Tri-Folds, etc.). These are available on the pharmacy portal.
We provide monthly promotional marketing material with discounted health screening & lab tests that are relevant to national and seasonal events to share with your customers and patients.
Use Ulta health screenings and lab tests to attract new customers to your pharmacy and reinforce your health care image and positioning with your patients and customers.
Your Patient Wins
Your patient’s baseline biomarkers are identified and addressed on a timely basis and serious medical conditions can be addressed sooner, often with better outcomes. Your patients can become proactive in their health, through monitoring and measuring and compliance.


HIPAA & PCI Compliance
We are compliant with HIPAA & PCI regulations and requirements.
Ulta Lab Tests has established accounts with Quest Diagnostics, the largest clinical lab in the US, with over one million tests performed per day. Our platform operates on a bi-directional interface with the Quest Diagnostics system via its certified and tested processes.
Ulta’s EMR software unifies and simplifies the ordering process, the review of results, and record-keeping processes. Orders are submitted into Ulta Lab Tests’ electronic repository.
Our private and secure portal provides your business secure, fast and reliable delivery of test results.

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