Kristen Blake Health and Wellness

I’m often asked how I got started doing what I do now. It’s a long story...but the short version is this:

I wasn’t feeling good for a really long time (think decades)...and when I saw my kids start down the same path I knew enough was enough.

As luck would have it, my husband was playing for the Lakers around that time and they had just hired an amazing Doctor and Nutritionist (Dr. Cate Shanahan) to work with the players to optimize their nutrition.

Working with Cate ignited a spark inside me. I saw firsthand the power of nutrition to change the way we feel and to control our epigenetics (that’s a fancy way of saying your genes don’t have the final say, the environment you’re in influences the expression of the genes).

After that I dove into the research, read countless books, worked with some incredible Drs and was able to get myself, and my family on the path to true health.

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