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Order Lab Tests

How do my clients order a lab test?

  1. The healthcare professional submits the order for the lab tests that their client has requested on their secure healthcare professional portal.
    • The client selects the tests that they would like to have ordered with their healthcare professional.
    • The healthcare professional places the client’s order and processes the payment through our safe and secure payment system.
    • The healthcare professional may provide to the client:
      • The lab test requisition order to take to the Client Service Center (PSC).
      • Instructions and any special directions that may be required to prepare for the specimen collection.
      • Client’s receipt for the lab test purchase.
    • The client will also receive an automated confirmation email receipt from Ulta Lab Tests along with instructions to create their own confidential Ulta Lab Tests account where they can review their results.
  2. The Client may also select and order their lab tests directly on the healthcare professionals co-branded microsite provided by Ulta Lab Tests. The client can:
    • Research and select their lab tests or wellness package online with or without the guidance of their healthcare professional or Physician.
    • Create or login into their confidential Ulta Lab Tests account.
    • Select and purchase their tests online through our safe and secure payment system.
    • Print their receipt for the lab tests ordered.
    • Download and print their lab test requisition after checkout to take to the Client Service Center (PSC).
Get Blood Drawn

Where does the client go to have their blood drawn (specimen collected)?

Your client can have their blood drawn at one of our partners 2,100 Client Service Centers(PSC) located across the United States (with the exception of NJ, NY and RI).

  • In the order process the healthcare professional, if placing the order, or the client if placing the order directly, will be asked to select a Client Service Center (PSC) to have the blood drawn or specimen collected.
  • If the client places their lab test order online, they will be prompted to select a PSC that is convenient to them.
  • If the healthcare professional places the lab test order on behalf of the client, the healthcare professional will provide the client choices of PSC’s that are convenient to them using our zip code search function.
  • The client has the option to change the location of the PSC selected on their online portal at any time after their order has been placed.
  • The client will take their PSC Requisition with them to the PSC to have their blood drawn (specimen collected).
  • The PSC Requisition is required. It contains the list of the lab tests to be performed and instructions for the client to follow.
  • If the lab test or wellness package requires fasting, then the client must fast for 12 hours or as directed prior to the blood draw (special instructions will be noted on the client’s lab requisition order).
Review Results

Where does the client review their results?

Your clients review their test results and biomarkers using our online system.

  • Within a few business days following the collection of their blood (specimen), your client will receive an email notification that their results are available (occasionally, complex tests may take between 7-10 business days for results).
  • Your client’s results will be uploaded into their private and secure healthcare dashboard.
  • The client will log in and view intuitive charts that display their data, along with explanations of their biomarkers to assist them in understanding their results.
  • Easy to read PDF's of the tests results are also available to print and share with their Healthcare Professional, Physician or other healthcare provider.
Track Progress

How do clients track their progress?

Your clients’ personalized health dashboard makes it easy for them to view diagnostic changes that occur between their blood tests, allowing them to adjust their wellness plan for even better health. Their practitioner can review their unique biomarkers, and discuss personalized recommendations tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Consult Healthcare Provider

What do your clients do with their results?

You can encourage your clients to track their progress, consult with their Physician or healthcare provider, and retest as directed.

We recommend that your client share and review their results with their Physician and healthcare providers; however, it is entirely up to the client whether to share their test results.

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