Dr. Stephanie Young DC

Dr. Stephanie Young DC

What If?

You no longer obsessively google your symptoms only to freak out about about a disease you may or may not have (after all you have 6 out of 10 of the symptoms according to WebMD)?

You bypass the feeling of hopelessness when or if you are diagnosed with an illness, because you know good and well the body is phenomenal at healing when given what it needs?

You actually felt GOOD most of the time, had extra energy and didn't need to rely on pharmeceuticals, coffee, or alcohol to get you through the day?

I’m Dr. Stephanie Young. After working in a clinical setting as a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist, I decided to make it super easy for anyone to access what I know to be crucial for recovery, restoration and rejuvenation of health. I’ve seen it time and time again that what we consume can be a powerful medicine or a devastating poison. I teach people how to use food, supplements and herbs to undue the damage of those substances.

And I'm here to tell you it's possible to be whole again and to remove the foods, synthetic chemicals and burdens that keep us in chronic pain, systemic inflammation and low energy. If any of that sounds good to you, my free resources on my website www.DrStephYoung.com can be of service to you.

You can follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/drstephyoungdc or email at askdryoung@gmail.com

Get Started - Baseline Panels

Don't know where to start? Select an area of interest to find a test panel to help you get started. Choose from a basic economical test panel to a comprehensive in-depth test panel.

Baseline Biomarkers

This is our Basic Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 4 Tests 63 Biomarkers.
  • $253.65
  • $62
  • Save: 75.56 %
Basic Plus
This is our Basic Plus Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 13 Tests 75 Biomarkers.
  • $516.62
  • $162
  • Save: 68.64 %
This is our Advanced Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 22 Tests 115 Biomarkers.
  • $1,320.59
  • $298
  • Save: 77.43 %
This is our Comprehensive Baseline Biomarkers panel. It contains 25 Tests 119 Biomarkers.
  • $1,567.02
  • $389
  • Save: 75.18 %