Dr. Gala Health Coaching

I am a Health, Life & Beauty Coach boundlessly in love with my profession.

Owner/Founder, Certified Health, Beauty & Life Coach


Thanks for visiting my site. We may not know each other, so here are some facts about me that I think you should know to get started.
I was born in the eastern region of Cuba and grew up in a family of very different backgrounds, from farmers to engineers, but above all, very loving on both sides.
I am a beloved daughter, liberated, and saved by our Lord Jesus Christ.
I am the mother of three healthy and prosperous adults with excellent human values. I am a happy grandmother of a beautiful two-year-old girl who enlightens my days in every possible way.
I am a lucky wife, in love with her husband furnished with a big heart full of all the love that could fit in this world.
I am a physician dedicated to improving people’s health. During my 28 years of work, I had the opportunity to work in different contexts and learn from and with renowned professionals.
Among other things, I’ve learned that our health is the result of a complicated relationship between our mindset, what we eat, and the environment in which we do it. I also learned that our body is the most powerful, least expensive, and BEST dietary experimentation laboratory that exists. Why? Because it has a pearl of innate wisdom beyond any book or authority. No matter what stage of life you are in, your body is your highest health authority. I became a certified health coach to work with men and women who want to reverse the symptoms of poor health but don’t know where to start or can’t make lasting healthy decisions. I help them recover their health naturally so they can enjoy a longer and happier life. 

Get Started - Baseline Panels

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