Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive

The Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive test contains 1 test with 43 biomarkers.

Fatty Acid Profile, Comprehensive

The following is a list of what is included in the item above. Click the test(s) below to view what biomarkers are measured along with an explanation of what the biomarker is measuring.

Also known as: Fatty Acid Profile Comprehensive

Octanoic Acid, C8:0

Decenoic Acid, C10:1

Decanoic Acid, C10:0

Lauroleic Acid, C12:1

Lauric Acid, C12:0

Tetradecadienoic Acid,

Myristoleic Acid, C14:1

Myristic Acid, C14:0

Hexadecadienoic Acid,

Hexadecenoic Acid,

Palmitoleic Acid, C16:1w7

Palmitic Acid, C16:0

G-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w6

A-Linolenic Acid, C18:3w3

Linoleic Acid, C18:2w6

Oleic Acid, C18:1w9

Vaccenic Acid, C18:1w7

Stearic Acid, C18:0

Epa, C20:5w3

Arachidonic Acid, C20:4w6

Mead Acid, C20:3w9

H-G-Linolenic Acid,

Arachidic Acid, C20:0

Dha, C22:6w3

Dpa, C22:5w6

Dpa, C22:5w3

Dta, C22:4w6

Docosenoic Acid, C22:1

Docosanoic Acid, C22:0

Nervonic Acid, C24:1w9

Tetracosanoic Acid, C24:0

Hexacosenoic Acid, C26:1

Hexacosanoic Acid, C26:0

Pristanic Acid, C15:0

Phytanic Acid, C16:0

Triene Tetraene Ratio

Total Saturated

Total Monounsaturated

Total Polyunsaturated

Total W3

Total W6

Total Fatty Acids