Cellsearch(R) Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast

The Cellsearch(R) Circulating Tumor Cells, Breast test contains 1 test with 1 biomarker.

This test can detect the presence of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) in the peripheral blood of metastatic breast cancer, colorectal or prostate cancer in patients. A count of CTC of 5 or more in breast and prostate cancers and 3 CTC or more in colon cancer in 7.5 mL of blood is predictive of shorter progression free survival and overall survival. Physician can draw samples prior to a new line of therapy for baseline prediction. Physician can also draw samples at the first follow up visit for prediction of the therapy. The Veridex CellSearch® System is the only semi-automated system designed to standardize and optimize to measure CTC in peripheral blood. This test is also the only FDA approved kit for CTC detection.

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Also known as: CellsearchR Circulating Tumor Cells Breast

Cellsearch(R) Circulating

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